Personalised sports nutrition experts Hexis announce TrainingPeaks integration

April 4, 2024

Hexis, leaders in personalised sports nutrition have proudly announced their strategic integration with TrainingPeaks, the industry-leading coaching platform for athletes and coaches.

London, 4th April 2024/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Hexis is the first app that dynamically predicts an athlete’s nutritional needs, tailored to their exact workout requirements, to create a personalised plan. Since every athlete’s needs are unique, this removes the complexity and confusion of nuanced sports nutrition and replaces it with simple-to-follow personalised nutrition that powers peak performance.

Hexis stands unique as the only platform to offer Carb Coding™ technology, a pioneering feature that forms the foundation of its advanced, yet user-friendly nutrition app. Employing cutting-edge, science-based algorithms combined with insights from the very best sports scientists in the world, the team decodes the intricate relationship between nutrition and athletic performance. The result here is that athletes are able to periodise their nutrition, day by day and meal by meal, to support their training, enhance endurance, and maximise performance, setting a new standard in sports nutrition customisation. 95% of athletes who trialled the Hexis app said they saw an improvement in their energy and performance.

TrainingPeaks is the premier fitness platform for athletes and coaches seeking to optimise their training and performance. Offering a comprehensive suite of tools and features, TrainingPeaks empowers users to plan, track, and analyse their workouts, with features ranging from customisable training plans to detailed performance metrics.

Integrating with TrainingPeaks is an extremely exciting development for the Hexis team; enabling the translation of planned and completed workout data from the TrainingPeaks app into real-time, personalised, and periodised nutrition plans, tailored to the unique fuelling requirements of every athlete.

This integration offers a myriad of benefits for athletes and coaches alike. Athletes gain access to 24/7 nutrition plans precisely tailored to their training regimens, optimising how they perform, adapt, and recover to every workout. Coaches benefit from a streamlined process, saving valuable time while ensuring their athletes receive the individualised attention they deserve.

David Dunne, co-founder of Hexis, says:

“We are really pleased to announce our integration with TrainingPeaks, a pivotal step in our mission to revolutionise sports nutrition. Too often nutrition is overlooked or misunderstood, despite being a vital cog in a performance ‘toolkit’. This partnership empowers coaches and athletes with unparalleled insight into the dynamic relationship between training and nutrition.

David continues, “Hexis has already reshaped how athletes and coaches approach and implement periodised nutrition, now by working with TrainingPeaks we’re taking the personalisation levels to unprecedented heights, making for the most seamless and personalised user experience yet”.

Dirk Friel, co-founder of TrainingPeaks, says:

“TrainingPeaks is constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the training experience for athletes and coaches worldwide. Hexis’ integration through our Partner API will offer our users access to unprecedented insights, empowering them to fuel their performance more effectively. We’re happy to offer this unique integration and to continue building our nutrition partner offerings.”

To connect Hexis to TrainingPeaks: login to the Hexis app, click on the Profile icon, scroll to and click on Integrations, select TrainingPeaks and click Continue. This will take you to the TrainingPeaks app where you need to Login and allow TrainingPeaks request for permission.

To find out more, visit: https://www.hexis.live/trainingpeaks

For more information about Hexis, visit www.hexis.live. And to learn more about TrainingPeaks, visit www.trainingpeaks.com.


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Hexis was founded by PhD’s in human performance, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, behaviour change, data science and computer science. Built on the science-backed foundations that fuel gold medal success, the Athlete App answers athletes’ frustrations by empowering them with 24/7 personalised nutrition support. H Hexis is used extensively by teams and athletes around the world including Olympic and World champions, Pro cycling teams, and Formula 1. The Coach Hub, currently used by leading nutritionists, trainers and sports organisations, automates previously manual workflows, saves practitioner time, improves efficiency, supports scalability, and enhances efficiency.

The Coach Hub, currently used by leading nutritionists, trainers and sports organisations, automates previously manual workflows, saves practitioner time, improves efficiency, supports scalability, and enhances efficiency.