PERFORMANCE GUMMIES Line Launched by Seattle Gummy Company Offers FAST Absorption of Critical Nutrients for Athletes!

May 22, 2023

PERFORMANCE GUMMIES give athletes of all stripes the bio-available nutrition they need before, during, and after workouts to support performance and recovery.

Seattle, WA/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Seattle Gummy Company (SGC) launched a new line of gummies that are specifically designed for athletes who require quick absorption of active ingredients before, during, and after training or racing. The PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® line of innovative products delivers fast and efficient absorption of critical nutrients to athletes…right when they need it most.

SGC’s PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® are different from other sports nutrition supplements because their unique delivery system provides a highly concentrated dose of balanced, active ingredients almost immediately.

  • When chewed, the compounds in the gummies absorb quickly through the oral mucosa, bypassing the stomach and liver, which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream within seconds.

The PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® line helps athletes prepare for their training or competitions, supports them during exercise, and encourages a return to full capacity afterward.

  • Pre-Workout
    SGCs pre-workout gummies provide athletes with controlled-release carbohydrates and caffeine, which helps raise and maintain blood glucose levels during high-intensity and endurance sports.
  • During
    HydraFuel gummies balance the optimal combination of fuel and electrolytes. They help athletes avoid dehydration, reduce fatigue, and maintain physical + mental energy while performing at their peak.
  • Post-Workout
    Recover gummies are designed to rapidly recharge muscle glycogen and repair muscle tissue, which helps athletes recover faster after intense workouts or races.

“We are thrilled to launch the PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® line. Our team has worked tirelessly to develop a product that delivers quick and efficient absorption of essential nutrients to help athletes perform at their best,” said Dr. Connie Wan, CEO of Seattle Gummy Company.

SGC’s PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® are perfect for athletes who are always on the go and need a convenient and effective way to fuel their bodies.

To learn more about the PERFORMANCE GUMMIES® line and other products offered by Seattle Gummy Company, please visit their website at www.seattlegummy.com.

About the Company:

Seattle Gummy Company is a science-based and performance-driven company that takes immense pride in providing a range of innovative chewable gummy formulations. These gummies were developed by their in-house Ph.D. research scientists, who designed them to give the best health benefits at an affordable price. Their wide selection of products, each made with premium, high-quality ingredients, are vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, and made in the USA. They combine Traditional Chinese Medicine with the latest science to ensure all products provide the maximum results for every customer.


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Company: Seattle Gummy Company

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