Pearl Wine and Bike Launch Free Bike Tunes and 5% Giveback to Employee Relief Fund for Month of March

March 2, 2021

Locally Owned Pearl Wine and Bike Companies Announce New Locations with “Thank You For Taking Care Of Us” March Initiative

AURORA, COLO (March 2, 2021) — Pearl Wine and Bike Companies, located near the Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora, Colorado, announce their March Anschutz Giveback as a thank-you to the medical community for their unwavering support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Five percent of all sales at Pearl Wine and Bike Companies’ University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus location will be donated to the Healthcare Worker Emergency Relief Fund at UC Health. Additionally, all Anschutz employees will receive a free basic bike tune-up at Pearl Bike Company and 10% off all Pearl Wine Company purchases through the month of March.

“We recognize that this past year was beyond difficult for the medical community. As the spouse of a frontline ICU Nurse at the Anschutz medical campus, I became acutely aware of the challenges and fatigue my partner experienced,” said Dustin Chiappetta, co-owner of Pearl Wine and Bike Companies. “Even before our doors opened on the Anschutz Campus, we knew we wanted to do something to say ‘thank you!’ Free bike tunes and discounts on adult beverages are the least that we can do. In order to get everyone in the community involved, we thought it would be appropriate to donate a portion of our March sales to the Healthcare Worker Emergency Relief Fund. So, whether you buy a $10 bottle of wine or buy a new gravel bike we will donate 5% back!”

Pearl Wine Company’s new location merges with Pearl Bike Company, a passion project between a tight-knit group of friends and brothers Dustin and Patrick Chiappetta, under one roof. Originally hailing from the small, picturesque town of La Veta, Colorado, the Chiappetta brothers found their love for the outdoors and community early on. Growing up, they worked in family-owned and operated restaurants that were anchors in their communities. As both brothers pursued careers, Dustin founded Pearl Wine Company and Patrick established Ring on Hook, a leading hospitality development and management company, while both dreamed of the possibility of collaboration. Early last year, that opportunity presented itself with a concept to combine Pearl Wine Company with their passion for cycling.

“All of us involved with Pearl Bike and Pearl Wine love riding gravel. For Dustin and I, this started with the gravel roads in La Veta that we grew up riding. Even when you’re riding paths within the city, there’s natural freedom and adventure to it. It’s accessible and fun,” said Patrick Chiappetta, co-founder of Ring on Hook. “That being said, while gravel is our ‘discipline of choice,’ we love riding bikes in general. This is reflected through the people behind the service counter and in the brands we carry. Dustin brought congeniality to the wine shop with the original Pearl Wine Company. He made it a place of hospitality – a warm and friendly place for the community to hang out – that happens to sell spirits. With the new location, we are now able to do the same thing while combining bikes and cycling under the same roof.”

The original Pearl Wine Company is located at 1886 S Pearl St. in the quaint Platt Park neighborhood in Denver and has been 5280 Magazine’s Readers Choice “Bottle Shop of the Year” for four out of the past five years. Opening its doors in 2015, Dustin sought to open a bottle shop that reminded him of the family-owned and operated business that he grew up admiring in his community. “Being a part of the community for us means more than just opening your doors and giving out a gift certificate. For us it means being a contributing member of the community.” Every year, with the exception of 2020, Pearl Wine Company hosts an annual anniversary event where they donate proceeds to DPS.

“We love the idea of the concepts sharing our philosophies and passions in a shared space. When I started Pearl Wine Company five years ago, it was about sharing the stories and passion of each winemaker, brewer or distiller. Today, we have five certified sommeliers and a cicerone to help you find the perfect pairing. At Pearl Bike Company, our mechanic has 30+ years of experience working on the Pro Tour level,” said Dustin. “Whether you’re looking for a six-pack, a bottle of Barolo, a quick bike tune-up, or want to buy a custom bike, you’ll get the same genuine, knowledgeable and friendly service at Pearl.”

Located on the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus at the base of the Fremont Residences on the corner of N. Ulster and E 21st Ave, the Fitzsimons location brings a new community to serve and take part in. It is in close proximity to the campus, the High Line Canal Trail and Central Park, offering a convenient meeting point for group rides and mechanical bike support to the medical community and surrounding areas. This is precisely what they’re hoping to do with their promotion throughout the month of March.

Pearl Bike Company: Pearl Bike Company was founded in 2020 by brothers Dustin and Patrick Chiappetta along with friends Ryan Gaudin, Mike Kraus, Daniel Orrison, and Mike Wilcox all of which have roots in the hospitality industry and a passion for cycling and the outdoors. The group aims to be Denver’s go-to shop for gravel adventure. This full-service bike shop has knowledgeable and friendly staff. They feature Allied Cycles, Mosaic Bicycles, Rapha Clothing, Niner Bikes and Twin Six. You can join them for the Pearl Bike Company Sunday Club Ride, featuring demos of their fleet, riding tips from pro-cyclists and often a beverage after.

Learn more at: www.pearlbikecompany.com 

Pearl Wine Company: Pearl Wine Company is a full-service wine, beer and spirits bottle shop established in 2015 with its original location in Denver’s historic Platt Park neighborhood. It was founded by Dustin Chiappetta with a culmination of 20 plus years in the wine and hospitality industry and a love for community. Their curated selection is based on the philosophy that families make the best wines in the world because they have the knowledge, passion and authenticity. PWC beer and spirit selection follows suit featuring craft brewers and distillers with some notable differences from other bottle shops, like a beer selection originated by style. Chiappetta jokes that “PWC is a wine shop with a beer problem.” With a focus on hospitality and service, Pearl Wine Company staffs five certified sommeliers and a cicerone to assist customers with selections.

Learn more at: www.pearlwinecompany.com

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