Peaks Coaching Group and IGNITE SwimRun Series announce 2020 Schedule and Pricing

January 28, 2020

Bedford, VA: January 28, 2020: Peaks Coaching Group (PCG) and IGNITE SwimRun have announced the 2020 race schedule and pricing for coaching, consulting and training plans specifically designed for 2020 IGNITE SwimRun events.

  • Training Plans start at $39.95 and come in short course, long course, beginner, intermediate and advanced plans
  • Personalized coaching has four levels from $269 per month
  • Consulting starts at $175 per hour

“We couldn’t be happier to partner with such an experienced industry player like Peaks Coaching Group,” said Jay Peluso, IGNITE SwimRun Co-Founder.  “They see the same potential in the sport that we do. Their large coaching platform will enhance the training and increase the number of SwimRun athletes across the country.”

Founded by the legendary cycling coach Hunter Allen, PCG has 60 coaches throughout the world with over 200 years of combined coaching experience.  PCG Coaches are hand-picked by Hunter Allen and represent the industry standard for data collection and endurance coaching.

PCG Master Coach Dr. Chris Myers leads the dedicated team of PCG/IGNITE SwimRun coaches.

“Training endurance athletes is what we specialize in,” said Coach Chris, PCG Head Multi-Sport Coach. “We hear the athletes talk and know that SwimRun has broken through as a new option for them.  We see an enormous opportunity to give these athletes the tools to be successful. Partnering with the biggest name in the sport in the U.S. will allow us to capitalize on that opportunity.”


Participants traverse through a pre-marked course in nature alternating between running and swimming. Swim legs may consist of long open ocean swims, rocky rivers or crystal-clear lakes while runs are on anything from roads, fire trails, technical rock scrambles or whatever nature puts in front of you. Athletes typically participate as a two-person team of men, women or mixed but individual options are also available.


Athletes typically participate as a two-person team of men, women or mixed but individual options are also available. Teams must remain within 10-meters of each other, this is not a relay.

Rules permit swim aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys, even fins if you are so inclined but there are no transition areas and all gear must stay with you for the entire course so choose wisely. Some small safety gear is also required such as a water-proof compression bandage and whistle.


Whether it is the mountainous trails of Maryland, the south urban wilderness of Knoxville or Minnesota’s clear lakes, IGNITE SwimRun has a destination endurance experience waiting for you.

IGNITE Maryland

May 9, 2020 – Boonsboro, MD

IGNITE Knoxville

Jun 28, 2020 – Knoxville, TN

IGNITE Minnesota

Aug 29, 2020 – Ironton, MN

For more information about Peaks Coaching Group and IGNITE SwimRun, please visit http://www.peakscoachinggroup.com/ignite-swimrun-personal-coaching

About IGNITE SwimRun

IGNITE SwimRun is a race production company based in Richmond, VA specializing in SwimRun endurance events. IGNITE is owned and operated by experienced certified Race Directors Jay Peluso and Danny Serpico and is the first company to produce a multi-state SwimRun series in the U.S.

About Hunter Allen

Legendary cycling coach Hunter Allen is the co-author of the industry-smashing Training and Racing with a Power Meter, which has sold over 120,000 copies and is available in over 20 languages. He co-authored Cutting-Edge Cycling and co-developed the industry-standard TrainingPeaks’ WKO+ software.  The 3rd edition of Training and Racing with a Power Meter was released in early 2019, offering even more pioneering insight to the principles of power training.

About Peaks Coaching Group

In 1996 after retiring from professional cycling, Hunter Allen founded Peaks Coaching Group, and has partnered with some of the bike industries most pioneering companies, such as Saris and PowerTap. In 2017 PCG partnered with CVR World Cup to create training plans for riders specifically to use in Zwift and held the first real-world/Zwift fantasy camp and race at the Velodrome in southern California.

It’s now 2020 and Peaks Coaching Group has affiliate locations in China, Brazil, Japan, and Germany.

The cycling world continues to evolve and Peaks Coaching Group, with our great partners and sponsors, is at the forefront of data-driven training!

For more information, please visit www.peakscoachinggroup.com or contact info@peakscoachinggroup.com or follow us on social media @peakscoaching.