Peak Content Summit Sessions Now Streaming Online

April 16, 2020

Every speaker session from the outdoor content marketing strategy conference available on demand

Peak Content Summit has made every session from their 2020 content marketing strategy conference available to watch online, on demand.

“All 10 speaker sessions are ready to watch anytime,” says event founder and host Tyler Benedict. “While editing them, I was simply blown away by the quantity and quality of knowledge shared by our amazing speakers, and I’m stoked that it’s now available to everyone!”

With an audience of mostly cycling and outdoor brands, the sessions focused on content strategy and marketing examples applicable to those industries. The sessions included lessons, examples, tips and tactics on content creation, messaging, brand building, video strategy, SEO, Google Analytics and performance measurement, working with media, and more.

“The current ‘shelter at home’ situation means the outdoor industry has to be more creative in their messaging right now,” Benedict says. “But there’s always going to be something to challenge our ability to stand out in a crowded, noisy marketplace.”

“The lessons and ideas presented at Peak Content Summit are timeless, and will help any brand manager, content creator, or marketer create content that both stands out and delivers real, tangible results.”

A Digital Access Ticket is available for $299 and includes instant streaming access to every session, plus bonus materials and downloadable content from many speakers. It also includes the same swag given to every attendee that came to the real life event, including a copy of The Content Fuel Framework book and the custom Cool Story DeFeet Wooleator socks!

“Now’s the time to learn new skills and improve our ability to communicate with customers,” adds Benedict. “The feedback from attendees was incredible, truly next level. So I’m really, really excited we could capture all of the practical, actionable advice and share it with everyone in such an affordable, easily accessible format!”

LINK: https://bitesizecontent.thinkific.com/courses/peak-content-summit-2020

Tyler Benedict