Peak Content Summit helps outdoor brands define a proper content marketing strategy

February 13, 2020

Knowing all of the elements makes your content marketing more effective

Knowing all of the elements makes your content marketing more effective

What are the elements of a good content marketing strategy?

“This amorphous, catch-all term ‘content marketing’ that’s thrown around these days gets brands and media excited, but a lot of us aren’t quite sure what all it means,” says Peak Content Summit founder Tyler Benedict. “Or, we understand a small portion of it, like writing a blog post, but it takes a LOT more than that for it to move into “strategy” territory.

Benedict says there are a lot of factors that turn “content marketing” into “content strategy, including the where, when and how. They include:

  • Coming up with appropriate ideas based on your audience
  • Adapting the message to the medium
  • Understanding WHY you’re creating each piece of content
  • Using content ideas inside a larger marketing strategy
  • Using proper story arc
  • Making the content engaging
  • Making content more inclusive
  • Using UGC (User Generated Content)
  • Brand-building versus Sales-oriented content
  • Working with the media to increase your content’s reach
  • Working with Influencers

And for publishers and media, there are new ways of thinking about content structure that creates additive revenue without resorting to recommended content engines and advertorials.

Benedict’s conference, Peak Content Summit, has a curriculum designed to teach brands and publishers in the outdoor, cycling and active lifestyle industries all of these facets. The speakers were hand selected for their ability to both inspire and educate.

“My goal wasn’t to just get people hyped up from entertaining speakers,” he says. “It’s to teach. Attendees will leave with tactical, practical info they can use right away to create, refine and implement at their own brands.”

Peak Content Summit is March 12-13 in Asheville, NC. Registration is open, and seats are limited. More info, full speaker list and schedule at http://www.peakcontentsummit.com.