Para-triathlete, Jamie Brown, dominating the path to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics with the support of RISE Brewing Co.

March 3, 2020

When Jamie Brown was a child, no one quipped he might one day be training for the Olympics  — or even be a serious athlete at all. Born with Fibular Hemimelia, Jamie grew up with three fingers on one hand and had his right foot amputated before his first birthday. Undeterred, Jamie not only learned how to walk with a prosthesis and tie his shoelaces, but also how to be a fierce athletic competitor for his peers.

Today, Jamie Brown wakes up every morning while the sun is still asleep. Groggily, he attaches his prosthetic leg to just below his right kneecap, ties his shoes using only eight fingers, takes an insulin shot while downing a cup of coffee, and begins another day of training for the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics.

Having become an amputee at just 11 months old, Jamie is no stranger to overcoming adversity and tackling challenges. As a former competitive baseball player in college to a triathlete ranked top three in the world, Jamie is known for his resiliency, enthusiasm, and paradoxical intentionality to include those less naturally gifted.

Because of this unique relationship with sports and inclusivity, Jamie and RISE Brewing Co. have come together to form an epic partnership highlighting how he is “On the RISE.”

Consistently ranked top ten in the world in his classification, Jamie recently secured the bronze medal at the Tokyo test event in August 2019. While his podium finish was sweet, Jamie is staying focused on the ultimate goal: the podium at the Tokyo Paralympic Games in 2020.

“I’ve been training for the 2020 Olympics for a few years, and now that we are in the qualification period, all my training is focused towards claiming my spot on the team,” Jamie said.

As a brand that values hard work and perseverance, RISE Brewing Co. is dedicated not only to producing healthy and sustainable nitro cold brew coffee made from the best ingredients possible, but also to assisting athletes and individuals in their RISE to the top. At a basic level, RISE Brewing Co. does this by energizing thousands of people every day via their canned and kegged nitro cold brew coffee products. For Jamie, RISE serves as a network of people who believe in him, challenge him, and support him.

According to RISE CEO Grant Gyesky who resides in Bend, OR, “At RISE, we’re dedicated to supporting and empowering athletes like Jamie. His commitment to his sport and willingness to succeed no matter what life throws at him, are all traits that RISE as a company values, and we’re thrilled to have the chance to fuel him in his journey On the RISE.”

Now, when Jamie inevitably steps one foot out of bed in the dark to train, his daily motivation is fueled by RISE Brewing Co.’s can of Nitro Cold Brew Oat Milk Latte that provides energy, fuel, and connection.