Panaracer launches US ambassador program as a celebration of community

February 1, 2021

HAYWARD, CA (February 1, 2021) — Tire manufacturer Panaracer USA is pleased to announce the launch of its first ambassador program, currently open for applications.

Marketing efforts aside, the brand’s first foray in ambassadorship is really a celebration of community.

“Thanks to the digital age in which we live, the way we create, engage with and enjoy community has changed. We already have a very active Panaracer community that likes to connect with us virtually. This ambassador program will formalize some of these relationships while also growing our burgeoning Panaracer community,” said Jeff Zell, Global Go-To Guy at Panaracer.

The goal of the Panaracer Ambassador Program is to create a mutually beneficial relationship with enthusiastic riders and adventurers in North America. Panaracer produces high quality bike tires for whenever rubber meets the road, gravel or dirt, and therefore will be looking for diversity in its ambassadors as well.

Ambassadors will be supported in their riding adventures with product and gear in return for original content, feedback and enthusiasm.

To apply, please visit www.panaracerusa.com/pages/ambassadors. Deadline is midnight on February 14th.

“We are really excited about this program and to engage with the cycling community in this way,” said Zell. “I can’t wait to welcome this crew of ambassadors and support them in their adventures.”

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About Panaracer
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