Outerbike Adds Four New Experiential Event Destinations, Activating ‘See Try Buy’ in Seven Iconic Riding Locations in 2020

February 10, 2020

New venues bridge core qualified consumers to more specialty brands + retailers nationwide

New venues bridge core qualified consumers to more specialty brands + retailers nationwide

MOAB, Utah (Feb. 10, 2020) – Outerbike, the premier three-day experiential consumer event dedicated to helping mountain bikers find their perfect bike and gear, celebrates a decade of successful partnership connecting specialty bike brands with qualified, enthusiast riders in 2020.

To mark the anniversary, Mark Sevenoff and Ashley Korenblat, founders of Outerbike, are launching four new venues to the 2020 lineup: Deer Valley, UT; Duluth, MN; South Lake Tahoe, CA; and Killington, VT. The four new locations will supplement perennial Outerbike favorites Crested Butte, CO; Bentonville, AR; and Moab, UT.

The expanded 2020 events will connect more consumers to bikes brands like Yeti, Ibis, Canyon, Specialized, Pivot, Rocky Mountain, Alchemy, Fezzari, Esker and more.

Along with the seven total venues, Outerbike will also debut new marketing tools for brand exhibitors created to power connection between brands and the qualified, enthusiast consumers Outerbike counts in its expanding audience. The new marketing programs will bolster ROI for exhibitors by enabling them to connect with consumers before, during, and after the events. These programs will deliver brand experiences to riders, create shareable brand content, and obtain IRL (In Real Life) brand and product feedback.

“Outerbike is trusted to bring together the best mountain bike brands in the world with qualified, avid riders, early adopters and devoted cyclists who are intent on finding their next bike,” said co-founder Ashley Korenblat. “We want each Outerbike event to be a unique and authentic platform for brands to serve consumers as they navigate their purchase decision. Outerbike works with our venues to host a VIP experience for consumers, while our brand partners enable them to try the best bikes available on the most thrilling and iconic riding terrain.”

Yeti Cycles President, Chris Conroy, committed to six out of seven of the 2020 Outerbike events, and views Outerbike as a way to stay close to the brand’s target rider.

“Outerbike riders are all about seeking out great riding experiences and immersing themselves in the culture of mountain biking – they share the same DNA as we do at Yeti, and that’s why Outerbike gives us a great opportunity to grow our Tribe,” Conroy said.

Outerbike events give consumers an opportunity to explore, progress, and experience mountain biking from an insider’s perspective, taking the “see, try, buy” from a concept to reality.

“The goal when Outerbike was founded 10 years ago was to create a consumer experience that melded incredible brands and products with best-in-class riding destinations,” said Outerbike CEO Ken Meidell. “Our goal is still centered on hosting and serving qualified consumers to a completely unique on-dirt ‘shopping experience,’ and our additional venues increase accessibility for more riders to find their ideal bike while connecting directly and more deeply with the brands they’re considering.”

The dates for 2020 Outerbike events are:

  • Deer Valley, UT – June 19-21, 2020
  • Killington, VT – July 24-26, 2020
  • Crested Butte, CO – August 14-16, 2020
  • Duluth, MN – August 28-30, 2020
  • South Lake Tahoe, CA – September 18-20, 2020
  • Moab, UT – October 2-4, 2020
  • Bentonville, AR – October 23-25, 2020

“I always go right before it’s time for me to buy a new bike,” said Bryce Randle, a veteran of multiple Outerbike events. “But whether I’m actively looking or just want to be surrounded by others that share the same passion, Outerbike is where it’s at.”

 “Outerbike isn’t just about being able to demo different bikes,” said first-time attendee of last year’s Crested Butte, CO, Outerbike event, Grace Guryan. “There is a communal vibe: Everyone is there to ride, and it makes for a truly unique three-day destination event. But the sheer range of bikes I was able to demo for what it would cost to demo 2-3 at my local shop definitely made me feel like a kid in a candy store.”

For more information on each of Outerbike’s destinations, pass types,and to register, please visit www.outerbike.com.

About Outerbike

Outerbike is the premier provider of multi-day, off-road experiential consumer cycling events from the owners of Western Spirit Cycling. Celebrating its tenth year in 2020, Outerbike is a unique collaboration between bike and outdoor brands, bike-focused cities and towns, and cycling enthusiasts from around the world to create ‘see, try and buy’ opportunities for the growing community of enthusiast cyclists looking to find their perfect bike and gear. Outerbike’s platform offers both a community hub and resources – both online and at physical event locations – that enable specialty brands to support the consumer decision journey from research to purchase through authentic, shareable experiences in iconic outdoor locations.

About Western Spirit

Founded in 1990, Western Spirit Cycling is an adventure bike touring company headquartered in Moab, Utah, which runs multi-day bicycle tours and outdoor events on public lands throughout the country. Western Spirit works closely with Public Lands Solutions, a non-profit that supports effective and sustainable public land solutions through outreach and planning.