NYCRUNS Unveils “Run This One” Virtual Racing Platform

October 5, 2020

More than 10,000 runners completed original virtual Subway Systems Challenge

New York, NY — NYCRUNS — one of New York City’s largest running organizations — announced last week that it will launch a second “Subway Systems Challenge” virtual race using its Run This One platform, following the success of its original challenge. The first event, which challenged participants to run the length of the entire subway system above ground, attracted more than 10,000 runners from around the country who could not compete in in-person races during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Run This One has been designed to be a fully turnkey solution for virtual event creators, both the professionals and the do it yourselfers. The cutting edge platform has been designed to serve one of the largest and most successful virtual running events, the NYCRUNS Subway System Challenge, but can now be used for any size event.

“Because of our ‘Run This One’ platform, runners will once again be able to challenge themselves in a safe and socially distanced way with our Subway Systems Challenge,” said NYCRUNS Founder & Race Director Steve Lastoe. “We are proud to be able to connect runners virtually since the pandemic began, and do our part to help New Yorkers and others across the country stay healthy and safe. Beyond this pandemic, virtual events are a natural platform for building cause awareness, developing a brand, or galvanizing a team.”

Using NYCRUNS’s digital platform Run This One, runners will receive digital badges tracking their progress, illuminate 5-borough landmarks, and notify runners when they perform a particularly impressive feat relative to their overall goal. Runners will receive a digital bib and finisher certificate as well.

Other features of Run This One includes:

  • Event Registration – Setup your public or private event and collect registration fees if you want. These fees are directly deposited into your own Stripe account daily if you choose.
  • Fundraising – Participants may donate or solicit donations to your cause or causes. Again, revenue is directly deposited if that is desired.
  • Event Design, Results & Run Tracking – Customize your event virtually anyway you can imagine. Participants may manually enter their data or use our Map My Run & Garmin integrations. No timers or running professionals needed!
  • Digital Rewards – Setup virtual bibs, distribute badges, and embed your messaging into the DNA of the event.
  • Market Your Event – Our ecosystem is designed to make events that want to be seen, seen. We’ll put your event in front of tens of thousands of eyeballs opening up a new audience.

Stats from first Subway Systems Challenge:

  • More than 10,000 runners completed the challenge from around the country—enough to fill four subway trains!
  • Runners collectively ran 2,500,000 miles, or the length of the subway tracks 3,700-times over! Or 12,500 trips up the Empire State building.

More details can be found here: https://nycruns.com/race/nycruns-subway-system-challenge