NYCRUNS Offers Over $100,000 in Cash and Prizes to Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon Top Finishers

January 24, 2022

First-Place Purse Doubles for NYC Residents

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – In their first major effort to draw in professional and elite athletes, NYCRUNS announces they will offer over $100,000 in cash and prizes to top finishers in the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon on April 24, 2022.

The first-place cash prize will be $5,000, with an additional $5,000 bonus awarded if the first-place finisher is a resident of one of New York City’s five boroughs.

“NYCRUNS is proud to support our local athletes, while also attracting professionals and elites from all over the world,” said Steve Lastoe, Founder & CEO, NYCRUNS. “Our goal is to put Brooklyn on the map and elevate this race to the highest standard, and that means committing to significantly more prize money than we have in previous years.”

Prizes will be awarded in the following three categories: Men, Women, and Gender Non-Conforming, making this the largest cash prize currently available to members of a Gender Non-Conforming racing category. NYCRUNS added this category to all events beginning in August 2021.

As Lastoe commented at the time, “This is an effort to celebrate gender-expansive individuals and their role in the racing community—something which we believe is long overdue.”

In order to be eligible for prize money, athletes must submit to a qualification vetting process including drug testing. All qualifying athletes will receive a complimentary entry to the race. The elite field will be announced in early April 2022.

For more information on qualifying times and specific cash prizes, please visit the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon race page.


In 2022, NYCRUNS will produce approximately two dozen running events for as many as 100,000 athletes. These events include our flagship Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon, the Newport-Liberty Half Marathon – one of the largest half marathons in New Jersey, and the storied Empire State Building Run-Up. NYCRUNS races are accurately measured, electronically timed, and produced by a highly trained team of event and medical professionals. Our post-race festivals feature fresh New York bagels (with a shmear, of course – this is New York), fresh fruit, and a vibrant atmosphere led by a great DJ.

Our goal is to give athletes the chance to win their race by providing them with the best possible experience from the time they register until the moment they see their finish line photos. In doing so, we want to be a relentlessly positive part of our customer’s lives; a meaningful partner to local businesses, local causes, and local runners; and a great employer to our diverse team of employees. NYCRUNS was built with these values in mind, and they guide us moving forward. We can’t wait to see you Win YOUR Race!