NYCRUNS Incorporates Non-Binary Athletes Equally Throughout Its Race Ecosystem

August 2, 2021

Over $35,000 in prize money earmarked for Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon, including the largest cash prize for non-binary athletes participating in a marathon & half-marathon

With the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon set to become one of the country’s biggest races in April 2022, NYCRUNS is proud to announce that it will be incorporating gender-expansive identification into its race registration and scoring platform. This will be implemented in a few short weeks when the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Ice Cream Social 5K & 10K takes place on August 28.

These enhancements will allow non-binary athletes to register for races, be scored, and receive awards and prizes aligned with their identities. This is important progress in creating safe and inclusive spaces where non-binary athletes can compete in a way that acknowledges the existence of their identity as equal to male and female.

Additionally, NYCRUNS will be awarding the largest cash prizes in the country for elite gender-expansive athletes participating in a marathon or half-marathon, starting with the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon on April 24, 2022. “This is the right thing to do, and it is easy for us to do it. We can’t have a race that’s true to Brooklyn without representing all members of our community,” said Steve Lastoe, the founder and CEO of NYCRUNS.

Under the new scoring system, non-binary participants will be eligible for awards and prizes as part of an independent equal results group. Lastoe commented, “this is an effort not only to accommodate non-binary athletes but also an opportunity to celebrate gender-expansive individuals and their role in the racing community — something which we believe is long overdue”. The cash prizes for the NYCRUNS Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon will be distributed equivalently across the three awards categories for male, female, and gender-expansive athletes.

Gilbert Gaona (he/him/his) is the president of Front Runners New York, New York City’s LGBTQ+ running club. Front Runners New York’s mission is to provide encouragement and support to LGBTQ+ adults and their supporters who are interested in running and running-related activities. “I am thrilled to see that NYCRUNS is fully integrating the non-binary race category. Recognizing and celebrating non-binary runner’s accomplishments with equal reward shows you truly support and value them! Thank you, NYCRUNS, for supporting all who run!”

“NYCRUNS is thrilled to recognize gender-expansive athletes in every aspect of their racing experience, and encourages the running industry to follow suit,” said Lastoe adding, “there are many races remaining in 2021 for gender-expansive and non-binary athletes to look forward to participating in, in a way that reflects and values their identities. We can’t wait to see them win their race!”



NYCRUNS produces approximately three dozen running events annually for the more than 50,000 athletes who cross our finish line. These events include our flagship Brooklyn Marathon & Half Marathon, the Newport-Liberty Half Marathon – one of the largest half marathons in New Jersey, and the storied Empire State Building Run-Up.

NYCRUNS races are accurately measured, electronically timed, and produced by a highly trained team of event and medical professionals. Our post-race festivals feature fresh New York bagels (with a shmear of course – this is New York), fresh fruit, and a vibrant atmosphere led by a great DJ. Our events are fun, vibrant, not overcrowded, and all about showing you a great time.

Our overarching goal is to give athletes the chance to win their race by providing them with the best possible experience from the time they register until the moment they see their finish line photos. Simply put, week in and week out our goal is to put on the best races in New York City. In doing so, we want to be a relentlessly positive part of our customer’s lives; a meaningful partner to local businesses, local causes, and local runners; and a great employer to our diverse team of employees. NYCRUNS was built with these values in mind, and they guide us moving forward.

We can’t wait to see you win YOUR race!