Nuun Hydration Launches New Product: Nuun Instant

August 4, 2020

With a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes Nuun Instant rehydrates 2-3X faster than water alone.

August 4th, 2020 SEATTLE- Yesterday functional hydration company Nuun launched a new powder-formula product called Nuun Instant. The Seattle based company Nuun is known primarily for its clean-ingredient proactive hydration products designed to maintain hydration throughout an active lifestyle. Nuun Instant is different.  It is designed to relieve dehydration after the symptoms of dehydration have become apparent. Whether dehydration is caused by busy days, long nights, illness or inhospitable climates, Nuun Instant’s formula uses established science as well as ingredient innovations to speed up the rehydration process on a cellular level. The result is that Nuun Instant hydrates the body approximately 2-3X faster than water alone.

Nuun CEO Kevin Rutherford commented on the new direction for the hydration company, saying “We know that dehydration happens. It even happens to me more frequently than I want to admit. So we wanted to make a product that could relieve symptoms of dehydration faster than anything else on the market while tasting great and using only clean ingredients with no artificial dyes or flavors. We’ve done that, and I am so proud to share the newest Nuun product with the world.”

One of the secrets to the speedy hydration of Nuun Instant lies in the origin story of its formula. Nuun Instant is based on Oral Rehydration Solution developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to treat individuals experiencing illness because of dehydration. Over the years the exact WHO ORS formula has evolved, and Nuun Instant incorporates the latest in hydration science to inform the ratio of ingredients for optimal absorption.

Vishal Patel, the leader of product research and development at Nuun, explains how the WHO’s ORS formula informed Nuun Instant’s development: “We formulated Nuun Instant using the years of research and science about how to best hydrate the dehydrated. Then we challenged ourselves to make that formula clean and vegan, with no artificial ingredients, colors or flavors. That’s not how everyone does it, but that’s our standard at Nuun.”

In addition to the glucose and electrolytes which comprise any basic ORS formula, Nuun Instant includes 100% of the daily suggested servings of both Vitamin C and Vitamin B12. One of the main symptoms of dehydration is fatigue and both of these vitamins are said to help with energy levels. Vitamin C is also a very popular supplement for those suffering from a cold or flu both of which are common causes of dehydration. Other common causes of dehydration include exposure to extreme climates and alcohol consumption. Nuun Instant’s ingredients are balanced and beneficial for relieving dehydration no matter the cause.

Nuun Instant will be available nationally through Ecommerce sites www.nuunlife.com and Amazon and available soon in-store at grocery retailers across the country. Nuun Instant comes in two flavors: Lemon Lime and Watermelon. Each serving of Nuun Instant contains only 25 calories and costs approximately $2.49. The single serving pouches are designed for effortless portability and the instantly dissolving powder means that rehydration doesn’t have to wait.

About Nuun & Company

Nuun is a hydration company with a mission to empower more movement. Nuun electrolyte tablets and powders provide functional hydration optimized for exercise, daily health, travel, immune support and rest. Clean and Non-GMO Project verified ingredients, a refreshing taste and low sugar make Nuun a favorite amongst active consumers. Nuun tablets are convenient to carry and add to water, and they are better for the environment than traditional bottled sports drinks. Consumers adding Nuun tablets to their reusable water bottles helped save the shipping of over 100 million pounds of water in 2018 alone. 15-year-old Nuun is the #1 selling sports drink supplement brand in running, cycling, outdoor and natural foods stores. The Seattle-based company has been recognized by Outside Magazine, who ranked Nuun on the 2017 and 2018 ‘Best Places to Work’ lists. To learn more, visit www.nuunlife.com or follow Nuun at @nuunhydration and #nuunlife.