Nutrition Coaching App, Fuelin, Announces Integration with TrainingPeaks

July 28, 2022

(San Francisco, CA)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Fuelin announced today the integration of its nutrition coaching app with sports technology platform, TrainingPeaks.

Fuelin’s mission is to make personalized nutrition coaching available to all athletes and coaches at an affordable price point. Nutrition is a key pillar to performance in endurance training and racing, but it is a complex topic that requires an individualized approach and domain specific expertise.

This integration allows the Fuelin program to connect directly to each athlete’s TrainingPeaks account to make specific recommendations on how to fuel before, during and after each training session, depending on the timing, duration and intensity of the session. Whether athletes are seeking assistance with hydration and high carb fueling during race season or body composition in the off-season, the Fuelin program can assist athletes in reaching their goals.

“Fuelin’s seamless integration into TrainingPeaks allows Toro Performance coaches and athletes easy access to reliable daily nutritional, fueling and hydration guidance based on the training we upload on a week-by-week basis,” says Jason Lentzke, founder and performance coach at Toro Performance.

“The team at Fuelin keep their finger on our athletes’ pulses by hosting frequent webinars, Q+A sessions and of course, in-app communication,” Lentzke adds. “Toro athletes now have individual access to personal and practical tools designed to periodize nutrition as it relates to their training and ideal body composition. By establishing this harmony, we ensure our athletes can train harder, regenerate more effectively, and execute to the best of their ability on race day.”

“Having Fuelin as a partner gives my athletes a competitive edge,” says Lauren Vallee, head coach and owner at Valiant Endurance. “The most compelling aspect of the Fuelin app is that it seamlessly integrates with TrainingPeaks.” Vallee explains, “I indicate the intensity of sessions and the Fuelin program takes the sport, duration, and proximity to an event into consideration to create a customized plan for every athlete.”

Triathlon and endurance coaches can find out more about Fuelin and how to integrate the nutrition expertise within their coaching programs here. Individual athletes can sign up directly for Fuelin’s nutrition coaching programs here.


Fuelin is a nutrition coaching app and program that takes the guesswork out of daily nutrition, fueling and hydration for endurance athletes. Using a simple traffic light system, the Fuelin app provides athletes with a personalized nutrition program based on their individualized training plan, including practical guidance on when, how much, and what type of nutrition to consume for optimized performance and health.

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