NION Health Launches First Negative Ion Electrolyte Powder for Enhanced Athletic Performance

December 12, 2023

Seattle-Area Research Lab Unlocks the Future of Cellular Hydration and Endurance with a New Electrolyte Formula

Everett, Wash. /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – NION Health, a division of Galahad Life Sciences, has developed a new electrolyte granule that delivers negative ions to enhance energy and hydration at the cellular level. NION™ Electrolyte Drink Mix safely and effectively delivers meaningful doses of negative ions to improve hydration, replenish lost minerals, increase stamina and endurance, and facilitate recovery after exercise. The product is now available at nionhealth.com in 30-count packs for $68. Consumption of NION Electrolytes for just seven days has been proven via independent studies to increase hydration, performance, and mitochondrial function within cells.

NION’s patent-pending NCS-330 millivolt (mV)™ granule is built on a crystalline matrix, offering negative electromotive potential. The slow-release, safe, and edible crystalline granules are the only electrolyte on the market to deliver this negative net charge for cellular health and renewal. The formula is recognized as a new dietary ingredient (NDI) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is classified as a food under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA).

“Our bodies need a balance of both positive and negative ions to support cell function, and that’s where NION comes in,” says Steve Loyd, CEO of Galahad Life Sciences. “The earth connects us to negatively charged ions that are critical to health, but living in the modern world can make it difficult to directly connect with that energy. NION gives us the negative voltage we need to support healthy mitochondria, the ‘battery packs’ of cellular life, making us feel more energized, perform better, and think more clearly.”

The electrolyte supplement is manufactured using a proprietary process with specialized manufacturing equipment to create uniform, pure-mineral crystalline granules that hold a stable negative (-) 330mV charge. Prior to launch, NION collaborated with major universities and various institutes, laboratories, and clinics to develop and test the product. NION is backed by two decades of research and development spearheaded by the Loyd family of Washington State.

“NION is at the forefront of the bioelectric health revolution, with a new electrolyte powder our family has been researching and developing for over twenty years,” said Ashley Loyd, CFO of Galahad Life Sciences. “NION is uniquely positioned in the electrolyte and sports beverage market, offering proven performance backed by the power of negative ions without the use of stimulants or sugar.”

NION is beneficial for anyone with an active lifestyle looking to achieve maximum health and performance. Consumers can purchase the electrolyte powder and learn more about NION’s breakthrough technology at www.nionhealth.com. Learn more at Our Science – NION Health.

About NION Health

NION Health™ is a health and wellness company located north of Seattle, Washington, created by a family of avid intermittent fasters committed to developing solutions that can extend the limits of humanity’s health span. NION Health was launched in 2023 after 20 years of research, testing, trials, and collaboration with major universities, institutes, laboratories, and clinics to develop solutions for anti-aging and human enhancement. Its first product, NION Electrolyte Drink Mix, holds -330 millivolts of electromotive potential per serving and can recharge cell mitochondria. NION Health is a division of Galahad Life Sciences, Inc. Learn more at www.nionhealth.com and follow on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and YouTube.

About Galahad Life Sciences

Galahad Life Sciences is a biological science company located north of Seattle, Washington, focused on “Extending the Limits of Humanity’s Health Span.” The company believes humans have the genetic potential to live 200 years and beyond, and its scientific research is focused on developing products that slow down the aging process at a cellular level. Galahad, which manufactures its products in-house, launched NION Health, a health and wellness division, in February 2023. Galahad is a privately held company headed by CEO Steve Loyd alongside family members Gayle and Ashley Loyd, all bringing decades of experience in science, engineering, education, and finance.


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