Newly Launched UP2U RECOVER Protein Drinks and UP2U Unflavored Protein Powder Provide Fast Recovery for Fitness Enthusiasts and Athletes

January 20, 2022

Unique Drink Formula of Protein, Carbohydrates and Electrolytes is Easy to Digest, Ideal for Today’s Busier Lifestyles

BUFFALO, N.Y. (Jan. 20, 2021) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Today the world’s leading dairy company, Lactalis, announced its entry into the post workout recovery category with the U.S. introduction of UP2U® RECOVER protein drinks and UP2U RECOVER unflavored protein powder. Designed for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, the products are made with whey protein in its purest form, also known as “native” protein powder. Lactalis’ PRONATIV® native whey protein provides purity and potency, appealing to fitness devotees looking for higher quality performance.

UP2U RECOVER flavored protein drinks feature a formula of fast absorbing protein, carbohydrates, and electrolytes, stimulating muscle recovery within 30 minutes after physical exercise. Lactose free and easy to digest, the products are ideal for today’s busy lifestyles. UP2U RECOVER unflavored, versatile protein powder can be added to other foods and drinks, making it a good addition to a diet or alternative to regular use of UP2U RECOVER flavored protein drinks. UP2U RECOVER products are available in the United States through Amazon.

“UP2U RECOVER is backed by our legacy and leadership in dairy products,” said Jean-Luc Bruandet, president and chief executive officer, Lactalis American Group. “Consumers can use UP2U RECOVER products to help embrace a healthy lifestyle, balancing fitness needs and hectic daily life, as they offer a fast, optimized recovery using clean, minimally processed ingredients for those looking to be fit, active and take care of their bodies.”

The UP2U RECOVER flavored protein drink, priced at $36.99 for a 12 pack, is the only protein drink on the market combining PRONATIV fast absorbing protein (17 grams), a high level of naturally occurring electrolytes (995 milligrams) and healthy carbohydrates (10 grams) with minimal added sugar in the form of monk fruit (2 grams). The UP2U RECOVER unflavored protein powder, consisting of 17 grams of protein, 70 calories and zero carbohydrates, is priced at $46.99 for a two-pound bag of 47 servings. Lactalis scientists and dietary experts in Canada, France and the United States leveraged more than 80 years of dairy experience and market leadership to engineer these formulas. Collaborating with accomplished endurance athletes, every batch is tested for banned substances under the Informed Sport Program and products undergo rigorous testing using ISO 17025 accredited methods, providing the highest level of assurance for athletes.

“I really like the ability to recover faster and especially appreciate the simple ingredient list — the electrolytes and monk fruit sweetening,” said Don Bowie, world class alpinist, expert ski-mountaineer, mountain biker and long-distance trail-runner. “The taste is delicious and very subtle on the palette, while still nicely flavored and refreshing in contrast to many syrupy and overly-sweetened drinks. Even on a completely empty stomach and a morning spent downclimbing a mountain, I had no issues with digestion after drinking the entire bottle.”

Lactalis is engaging directly with fitness enthusiasts and athletes so they may experience first-hand the benefits of PRONATIV in UP2U RECOVER and is hosting several consumer events in cities throughout New York. Consumers can also follow along on social media @up2unutrition to stay current on news and events. For more information about UP2U RECOVER, visit https://up2u.co/.

About PRONATIV Powder

PRONATIV is a high-quality, form of protein, featuring a completely neutral flavor profile and containing great amounts of leucine, the dominant amino acid for muscle-building. The PRONATIV manufacturing process of cold filtering milk protects the nutritional value of the protein. This means PRONATIV works faster, tastes better and is easier to digest than traditional whey proteins made from over-processed methods using fillers or additives, and that do not preserve the integrity of the protein’s nutritional value.

About Lactalis in the United States

Lactalis American Group is committed to enriching lives by producing nutritious, great tasting dairy products. The company offers a strong, well-regarded portfolio of U.S. dairy products, including, Président® , Galbani®, Parmalat®, Kraft® brands in natural, grated and international cheeses, Breakstone’s, Crackerbarrel, Black Diamond, siggi’s®, Stonyfield Organic®, and UP2U RECOVER. The company has a presence in nine states, featuring 11 manufacturing facilities and corporate offices, located in New York City and Buffalo, N.Y., Chicago, IL., Londonderry, N.H. and San Fernando, C.A. Lactalis American Group is part of Lactalis Group, the world’s leading dairy company, a French family business founded in 1933 in Laval, France. For more information, visit www.lactalisamericangroup.comand www.lactalisheritagedairy.com.


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