New Holland Brewing Celebrates Black Is Beautiful

September 30, 2020

Michigan-based Craft Brewery Partners With Local Non-Profit

(Holland, MI) Sept. 30 2020 — New Holland Brewing of Holland, MI is partnering with Michigan-based non-profit The Diatribe, as part of the the Black is Beautiful Beer initiative; “a collaborative effort amongst the brewing community and its customers, in an attempt to bring awareness to the injustices that many people of color face daily.”

New Holland has crafted a stout using the suggested recipe of the Black is Beautiful initiative, which includes oats, chocolate rye, as well as caramel, chocolate and black malt. New Holland has then taken their barrel aging expertise and carefully aged this beautiful beer in bourbon barrels.

New Holland’s Black is Beautiful beer will be available at both of their retail locations in Holland and Grand Rapids Michigan beginning September 28th and New Holland is ensuring all of the dollars raised intentionally are invested into the community with a donation being made to The Diatribe following this collaboration. Grand Rapids-based The Diatribe is a non-profit dedicated to encouraging performing arts as a form of expression to “empower young people to share their stories, raise awareness of social issues, and create change within their communities.” (The Diatribe)

“The Diatribe is excited to be working with New Holland Brewing Company for The Black is Beautiful campaign, and honestly this partnership could not have come at a better time,” said Marcel “Fable” Price, Executive Director of The Diatribe. “The Diatribe is a Black run non-profit organization staffed completely by BIPOC and LGBTQ folx. The arts have been devastatingly impacted due by COVID, and The Diatribe is not a large enough organization to receive forgivable federal bailout loans, so this community-based organization is actually surviving off of community support.”

Fable expands; “We appreciate New Holland for investing in Black run organizations and initiatives while using their resources to create positive change where they can. I think a city our size would have much less inequities if more people took the lead of places like New Holland, Steelcase, and even smaller businesses like Woosah.”

New Holland’s mission is to enhance the quality of people’s lives and that starts here in West Michigan.  “This partnership and campaign gave us an opportunity to listen to our community, and to understand ways in which we can make this a better place to live,” said Brett Vanderkamp, Founder and CEO of New Holland.  “We are really grateful for the opportunity to brew this beer and give back to a long-time partner of ours: The Diatribe. We value the work that they do and hope that this campaign can help them continue to make positive change in our community.”  New Holland recently appointed a Vice President of People & Culture with a vision to ensure that their intrinsic culture of inclusivity, employee fulfillment and values of: Believe, Lead, Own, Engage, Act with Integrity and Care, are nurtured. New Holland is a proud partner of Black Is Beautiful Beer, and The Diatribe.

The New Holland Beer is Black Is Beautiful Beer is available in New Holland pubs around Michigan from today, September 29 until sold out.

For more information and availability, please visit NewHollandBrew.com


Media Contact: Jess Smith, OutsidePR, Jess@OutsidePR.com


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