NBDA Releases Cost of Doing Business Report, Sponsored by BikeExchange: After seven-year hiatus, benchmark financial report for cycling industry returns

August 16, 2022

Asheville, North Carolina (August 16, 2022)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Long considered a benchmark report for doing business in the US cycling industry, the Cost of Doing Business (CDB) Report will be released today from the National Bike Dealers Association (NBDA). Made possible by funding support from title sponsor BikeExchange, the report makes its highly anticipated return after a seven-year hiatus – a period which saw unprecedented changes and growth in the industry.

The 2022 CDB Report allows retailers to benchmark their results against retailers by region, sales volume, type of store, and more. Allowing retailers to spot differences between their indicators and those of highly profitable retailers, while helping guide suppliers and manufacturers with what margins may work best for retailers, etc., the study is often referred to as the standard for all channels in the industry.

The cost of the report is $399, and it can be purchased on NBDA’s website, but current members will receive a $50 discount. BikeExchange is also offering a free copy for its current members and new members through the end of the year. And as thanks for retailers who supplied data for the report – and as further incentive to do so in the future – NBDA will provide them with a free copy of the report along with an individualized Company Performance Report which provides an overview of their strengths and weaknesses relative to the aggregated data.

The benefits of the report are widely known and multifold, says Heather Mason, President, National Bicycle Dealers Association. “It’s the only data report of its kind and one of our most requested reports. Retailers can use the information to compare their store with other retailers, both alike and of variant. This can allow them to spot differences and make corrections as needed to improve performance.

“Suppliers and manufacturers can also use it as a guide to what margins may work best for retailers,” Mason adds. “A brand that understands the real importance of taking action to help their authorized dealers earn a fair and equitable net profit will certainly appreciate the CODB study data.”

BikeExchange shares the enthusiasm for the report and hopes to offer added value for its members with their offer. “NBDA’s Cost of Doing Business Report is an invaluable resource for independent bike shops and manufacturers of all sizes across our industry,” says Taylor Essick, CEO, BikeExchange North America. “BikeExchange and Kitzuma Cycling Logistics are proud to sponsor this latest edition; we know it will provide guidance and support as brands manage their businesses – particularly as our industry faces some of its most challenging circumstances. We thank the NBDA, bicycle retailers and manufacturers everywhere for their perseverance and unwavering commitment to our sport.”

To help better understand and utilize the CDB Report, NBDA is also offering an exclusive online webinar at 1:00pm EST on August 31, entitled: Key Insights 2022 Cost of Doing Business Study. The 45-minute webinar (with subsequent Q&A session) – which is free, and only available to NBDA and BEX members and brands who purchase the report – will break down key insights from the report and help participants better understand how they can use the data. NBDA President Heather Mason will host along with Guest Expert Jay Townley, Founder Partner of Human Powered Solutions.

ABOUT BIKEEXCHANGE: BikeExchange Limited (ASX: BEX) is a leading operator of global online cycling focussed marketplaces that enable a dedicated and growing global audience of consumers to connect and transact with thousands of retailers and brands. The Company was founded in Melbourne in 2007, with the aim of bringing together the fragmented global cycling industry to trade and scale. BikeExchange listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) in February, 2021. Today, it hosts over 1500 brands, 1650+ retailers and 900,000+ products globally, with an annual audience of 28+ million consumers.

About NBDA: The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) is the bicycle industry retailer association formed in 1946, representing and empowering specialty bicycle dealers in North America through education, communications, research, advocacy, member discount programs, and promotional opportunities.