MYLAPS organizes webinar about Covid-19 running trends

August 24, 2020

MYLAPS Summer Series: Get inspired by Tim & Jessica Murphy (BibRave)

As part of the MYLAPS Summer Sessions, the timing company hosts a webinar coming Thursday about the latest trends in racing and tips for running events and timers to get through the Covid-19 pandemic. Tim and Jessica Murphy, co-founders of the running industry community BibRave, will be interviewed by MYLAPS Managing Director Mike Schmitz.

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BibRave is a popular consumer-facing running industry community and a B2B marketing agency that specializes in the endurance space. Runners trust BibRave for everything about running, racing and the best events and gear.

In this 60-minute session the following topics will be covered:

  • How the company has fared during Covid-19
  • The history of The BibRave 100 and how it is going to be a little different in 2020
  • New ways events are engaging and will need to engage in the next 12 months
  • Virtual running
  • And many more

With a series of webinars MYLAPS helps their partners to stay up to date on developments and trends in the mass sports industry.

About MYLAPS Sports Timing

At MYLAPS we support athletes, racers and events in creating their ultimate sports experience. Every year we capture the performance of over 20 million people all over the world. And turn their data into insights, progress and fun. We offer them a better understanding of their performance and help them with their best next steps. Founded in 1982, we have revolutionized the world of sports timing with ground-breaking innovations and set the standard ever since. Our products and platforms are used at professional events like the Olympics and NASCAR to countless local events around the corner.

 About BibRave

BibRave works with races and brands to help them engage with runners and ultimately drive more sales and registrations. Through their large and highly-vetted network of running bloggers (BibRave Pros), their popular Twitter event (#BibChat), and their new Podcast (The BibRave Podcast) BibRave helps endurance brands and races go beyond simple advertising and truly connect with more runners.

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