MOXiLIFE® Launching the First “Gut Healthy” Electrolyte drink

July 24, 2020

Building the Bridge Between Gut Health and Elevated Performance

Scottsdale, Arizona – (July 24, 2020) – MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ is launching August 1st the first gut healthy electrolyte drink mix, as MOXiLyte™ Concentrate Electrolyte drink mix. The scientific community is building the bridge as to how a healthy gut can not only elevate your immune system and cognitive function, but also elevate an athlete’s performance.

MOXiLIFE® formulators and scientific advisors have been following this trend for approximately 7 years now and they see the need to introduce this science to the endurance community.

“This has been such a stressful year for all of us; especially the endurance community, which is why we deemed it necessary to release the MOXiLyte™ brand”, quotes Theresa Seaquist: CEO and Founder. “Under stress the immune system begins to degrade, affecting the intestinal chemistry; in turn, affecting nutrient absorption. By introducing healthy, gut friendly nutrients in a drink, helps reduce the inflammatory impact of stress and optimizes all nutrient absorption”.

This ‘gut’ trend has been making significant headway in the natural health industry with the introduction of fermented foods and probiotics however, for some individuals with sensitive and inflamed GI systems, the introduction of probiotics all at one time is too much for the GI to handle. The more sensible approach is to introduce the GI to the proper nutrients feeding the good bacteria and allowing them to propagate and not overwhelming it.

MOXiLyte™ will offer 3 flavors: Mad Mango, Vicious Citrus, BIG Berry Lemonade. All containing gut healthy nutrients and electrolytes as amino acid activated and complexed patented minerals.

Effective levels of gut healthy active ingredients, beverage innovation, and great tasting natural flavoring is the stronghold of the MOXiLIFE® product development team. Michelle Bacarella; a Registered Dietitian and ‘sought after’ formulation flavoring specialist, leads product development team.

About MOXiLIFE Nutrition™

MOXiLIFE Nutrition™ provides premium, gut healthy personalized nutrition for endurance athletes. The female product development team has a combined 50 years of formulating supplements and in-depth ingredient knowledge; specializing in mineral absorption and plant-based nutrients. Please email theresa@moxilife.com for additional information and or visit moxilife.com  FB and IG