Motiv Announces Nationwide Partnership with Runna

January 31, 2024

You get the race you train for: Motiv joins forces with Runna to transform local race experiences with unmatched runner support; Partnership kicks off with the Shamrock Run Portland on St. Patrick’s Day, spanning 12 events including the iconic Bay to Breakers in San Francisco

Huntington Beach, California – January 31, 2024 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Motiv Running, a leader in organizing premier running events, today announced a new partnership with Runna, the top-rated running training app. This collaboration will debut at the upcoming Shamrock Run Portland in March and include 12 world class events from Philadelphia to San Francisco.

“Runna is a game-changer in our world, bringing an extra dash of fun and PR energy to our events,” said Phyllis Blanchard, Director of Partnerships for Motiv. “Whether it’s your first marathon or a 5k for charity, every participant becomes a ‘Runna’ on race day. The Runna coaching platform will equip our runners to set new Personal Records and have lots of fun along the way!”

Runna, celebrated as the top running training app globally, offers a personal coaching experience with its bespoke training plans. These plans, crafted by Olympian runners, are tailored to an athlete’s unique goals and preferences, featuring a variety of dynamic workouts. The app’s seamless integration with popular devices like Garmin, Apple, Coros, Suunto and Fitbit enhances training convenience.

Beyond just workouts, Runna provides holistic support including expert advice on running form, nutrition, and injury management, coupled with runner-specific strength training. Additionally, Runna fosters a vibrant community, connecting hundreds of thousands of users and organizing regular meet-ups for a truly communal running experience.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Motiv,” said Ben Parker, Founder and Head Coach of Runna. “Their expansive network of events across North America aligns seamlessly with our mission at Runna – to energize communities and help athletes unlock their potential on race day. This new collaboration is not just about running, it’s about creating a movement, a wave of positivity and health through our communities.”

The collaboration between Motiv and Runna promises to bring a fresh, community-driven approach to running events, focusing on engaging content and fostering meaningful connections among participants.

“Runna stands out in the marketplace with its flexible training plans, seamlessly integrating with smartwatches and treadmills,” added Parker. “We take pride in our runner-focused strength training plans, which are a game changer for athletes. Our approach is not just about covering miles; it’s about empowering each runner with the right tools and support to cross the finish line with confidence and a sense of accomplishment.”

For more information about this partnership or to participate in a Motiv event, please visit MotivRunning.com.

About Runna

Runna, led by Ben Parker, is the world’s leading running training app, offering a platform for engaging content and community-building, assisting runners in achieving their goals with camaraderie and support. Find out more at www.Runna.com.

About Motiv 

We are Motiv, we own and operate iconic – community driven – legacy events across North America. Our events are well established community traditions and offer best in class experiences including the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon & Rose 5k, Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon, Portland Shamrock Run and the Long Beach Marathon to name a few. As a leader in the mass participatory endurance space, our unique platform is built on the premise that consumers seek out experiences and brands seek out opportunities to connect with consumers at their point of passion – 365 days a year! Learn more at MotivGroup.com.

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