Momentous launches #SupportYourSweat Campaign to Support Health and Fitness Professionals

April 16, 2020

Sweat Bonds Now Available for Purchase

(Jackson Hole, Wyo.) – Momentous, a premium sports nutrition company, announces the launch of the #SupportYourSweat Campaign to help gym and fitness professionals who have been affected by Covid-19 and are struggling or have been forced to close their doors. This program was created to help funnel money back into the fitness industry by offering, ‘Sweat Bonds,’ which are essentially discounted or incentivized gift cards. The discount value is set by each individual fitness provider or facility and can be redeemed for the services or products they choose to offer through this program.

“We designed this program to unite our community in effort to support gyms, boutique studios, trainers, massage therapists, coaches, nutritionists, bike shops and all kinds of fitness and health professionals,” said Matt Wan, CEO of Momentous. “So many people we care about are being hit really hard by this health crisis and our mission is to support as many people as possible to help prevent doors from being shut permanently.”

The #SupportYourSweat map is available to locate fitness and wellness professionals who are currently offering this program, allowing individuals to contact them directly to purchase a Sweat Bond. If you’d like to support a fitness professional in your area, tell them to visit SupportYourSweat.org to fill out participation form.

More information about the program can be found at, www.supportyoursweat.org.

About Momentous

Momentous is a company dedicated to creating no-compromise products and tools that support the relentless pursuit of progress in human health and performance. The company combines a one-of-a-kind network in sports and performance with deeply experienced operators to transfer knowledge and practices from elite sport into expertly designed products for the consumer market. Momentous launched in 2018 with a line of best-in-class protein powders designed by performance experts from the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB. These products are now sold to over 100 professional sports teams and thousands of health-centric consumers across the US. Learn more at www.livemomentous.com.