Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships Welcomes New partner dryrobe®

July 21, 2023

The M2O returns to the channel to crown New World Champions

HONOLULU, HI (July 21, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships (M2O) is excited to return to Hawai’i later this month for the 24th annual race featuring top athletes in prone paddleboarding, SUP, and FOIL. The race is excited to introduce these world class watermen and women to the most versatile changing robe in the world.

The dryrobe® advance changing robe is a tough piece of kit; it’s waterproof, windproof, super-warm, and big enough for athletes to easily get changed in and out of racing and training gear. Made with 100% recycled fabrics, it’s the ideal training partner for paddlers all year long.

Gideon Bright, dryrobe® founder and CEO commented “Our mission of opting outside and being part of life’s extraordinary moments is the exact reason we are partnering with M2O. Here at dryrobe® we are proud to be supporting one of the most challenging paddleboard races in the world, testing the physical and mental endurance of athletes who assemble at this legendary event.”

The sold out Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships on July 30th will feature 300 athletes from over 25 countries. The race showcases the beauty of Hawaii on a 32-mile open ocean race that connects the island of Moloka’i to the island of O’ahu. the Ka’iwi Channel is considered one of the deepest and narrow channels in the world, where paddlers will navigate challenging surf, heavy winds, and currents as they link the best downwind conditions to the shores of O’ahu.

“The support of new partners is especially appreciated this year as M2O returns to the Ka’iwi Channel after three years,” said Shannon Delaney, M2O’s Executive Producer.  “The success and legend of M2O as the hardest paddleboard race event on the planet drives the imagination of paddlers worldwide.  It’s always great when this event resonates with brands that embrace this spirit of the channel and the athletes that take the journey each year.”

In addition to the world championships, the M2O Virtual Edition will continue with the 4th edition this summer. The 16-mile paddle race can be done anytime, anywhere, on anything. Live coverage of the virtual edition will take place on the weekend of August 6th. Participants worldwide will have the option to track their paddle live and share their experiences with photos and videos. Over 2,500 paddlers from 65 countries have participated in this virtual paddling event over the last 3 years, a testament to the bucket-list status of the M2O race and its broad appeal throughout the global paddling community.

Registration is still open for the virtual race.

About dryrobe®

dryrobe® is the original outdoor changing robe – created by Gideon Bright, a UK-based surfer with over 30 years of experience in the water. Designed to let you get active outdoors, whatever the weather. dryrobe® changing robes are spacious enough to easily get a wetsuit (or any sports clothes) on or off, allowing you to get changed anywhere. Made from 100% recycled fabrics, the waterproof and windproof outer protects you from the elements, whilst its super-warm inner lining helps you dry off quickly after getting out of the water. Now a familiar sight on beaches and on the back of the elite athletes at sporting events all over the world, the dryrobe® client list includes Red Bull, GoPro and Team GB. dryrobe® are proud to be a certified B Corp™

About the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships

Founded in 1997, M2O has grown from a grassroots challenge for the legendary lifeguards of Oʻahu to the premiere event in the sport of paddleboarding. The race annually crowns world champions in the two disciplines of traditional (prone), stand-up (SUP) paddleboarding, and recently Stand-Up Foil. Connecting the islands of Molokaʻi and Oʻahu, the 32-mile race crosses the Ka’iwi Channel, also known as the Moloka’i Channel and Channel of Bones. Men and women from more than 25 countries face strong currents as they navigate the fastest downwind route over one of the most beautiful and powerful channels in the world. Top athletes can complete the crossing in less than five hours, riding mid-channel waves that crest more than 12 feet and carrying paddlers hundreds of meters. The annual race is a deeply personal experience, challenging every paddler’s physical and mental endurance.

The 2023 Moloka’i 2 O’ahu Paddleboard World Championships presented by the Hawai’i Tourism Authority is proudly supported by Spartan Racing, Duke’s Waikiki, Kona Brewing Company, Futures Fins, dryrobe®, Pauwela Beverage Company, Talis Crew, Bark Paddleboards, and Surftech.