Marmot Welcomes Two New Members to Marmot Mountain Club Ambassador Team

March 16, 2022

Marmot grows and restructures its classic ambassador roster with a focus on equity, culture and personalization

Rohnert Park, Calif. /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Marmot is growing the historical Marmot Mountain Club by adding Alex Johnson and Max Djenohan to the already strong roster, but that’s not all. Marmot has also completely restructured this ambassador program with a dedicated focus on equity, culture and personalized agreements with each member to ensure everyone gets the best possible experience. Alex and Max are the first ambassadors to take part in this reimagined approach to recruiting and contracting. Their unique perspectives and diverse skill sets are ideally suited for a program that is designed to elevate individual’s abilities, interests, and goals.

Max Djenohan (he/him/his) is a snowboarder, survivalist, and photographer, dedicated to breaking down stereotypes of what it means to be an African American in the outdoors.  Max’s passion for the outdoors started at age 8 when his mother began taking his family camping in the Cascades. This passion would turn into a career as he fell in love with snowboarding and adventure photography. These formative experiences led him to volunteer with “the Service Board” a nonprofit promoting social justice, equity, and opportunities for BIPOC youth to gain access to the outdoors. Max brings a priceless perspective and energy to the Marmot Mountain Club, one that Marmot is looking forward to elevating.

Alex (AJ) Johnson (she/her), has been climbing professionally for almost two decades. As a member of the USA Climbing Team for eighteen years, she won her first National Championship in 2003 and her earned her latest medal in 2019. Today, she’s shifted her focus to outdoor climbing projects, building an impressive tick-list filled with dozens of iconic first female ascents and hard sends up to V14. Her most recent ascent will be featured in the short film The Swarm, touring on the Real Rock Film Festival this spring. As a vocal advocate for equality in sports and outdoors, the Marmot Mountain Club will greatly benefit from her addition thanks to her passion, values, and impressive skill.

“It’s important to move beyond the number of tagged posts an ambassador is willing to post,” said Jeff Brandon, brand manager for Marmot. “With this reimagined approach we hope to customize the partnership based on the individual ambassador’s strengths and wiliness to engage with the programming.”

The Marmot Mountain Club restructuring also involved a key focus on transparency, communication and taking a more humanistic approach, to what has often been a transactional relationship. This is a people-first program where ambassadors are set up to be treated as colleagues, abandoning the standard one-size-fits-all strategy. With a team made up of gifted athletes, moving storytellers, and community leaders, every Marmot Mountain Club ambassador brings something unique to the table and is precisely why Marmot will treat each relationship and contract differently. Marmot believes this change in philosophy will cultivate a more balanced dynamic between brand and ambassadors.

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