Mark Allen Sports Hires Scott Zagarino As CEO

June 29, 2021

Company Seeks To Manage Post Covid Growth

Santa Cruz — Today 6x Ironman Triathlon World Champion and Olympic Distance World Champion announced the hiring of long time triathlon pioneer, Scott Zagarino as the new CEO of Mark Allen Sports, LLC.

Mark Allen Sports activities include; Online Triathlon Coaching by Mark Allen, Motivational Speaking, Endorsements, and Event Production.

Said Allen; “My passion, second only to competing is helping and motivating more triathletes in reaching their full potential in the sport”. Mark has been coaching triathletes of all abilities since 1997. Said Mark; “As our company has grown, I have found it more difficult to devote my full energies to my athletes and that is why I reached out to my close friend of many years to ask if he would take over the day-to-day responsibilities of the company. Thankfully, he jumped at the opportunity.

Zagarino stated; “Mark and I have known each other and been close friends for over thirty years and we have always shared a similar vision of what the sport can provide not only in terms of fitness, but also in terms of living a healthier, more balanced life.

The company is in the first stages of separating its activities so that Mark can focus solely on coaching and Zagarino can focus on his specialties in growing the company through endorsements, sponsorship and corporate sponsorship, some of which are in development as of this writing.

Mark Allen

Mark Allen is arguably the greatest triathlete of in the history of the sport having been voted in an ESPN poll as “The Greatest Endurance Athlete Of All Time.” Mark has also won the Ironman Triathlon World Championships® in Kona six times. He has also won the prestigious Nice Triathlon all ten times he entered against the top competition in the world. In edition he is also a winner of the Olympic Distance World championship. Today he spend his days coaching and surfing in his hometown of Santa Cruz, CA.

Scott Zagarino

A true blue triathlete Scott has competed in more than 75 triathlons in 8 countries. Zagarino founded CS Sports Marketing in 1987. In 1998 he completed a deal between Gatorade and The World Triathlon Corporation valued at more than $8 million dollars. He was also elected by the global body of professional triathletes to represent their interests to the Olympic bodies. His most important achievement was creating an agreement where men and women triathletes would always enjoy equal prize money. Scott has also raised more than $9 million for charities ranging from The Challenged Athlete Foundation to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.


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