Marathon-Photos goes LIVE!

April 13, 2021

Live photography is here and now - images available to runners the second they crossed the finish line at Christchurch Marathon, New Zealand

New technology developed by Marathon-Photos.com saw images uploaded and identified within seconds of being taken at Christchurch Marathon last weekend. It meant friends and family could chart their runner’s progress live through the event and right to the finish.

It isn’t the first time the company has led in the live photography field.

“We first photographed live in 2015 at the Oxford Half Marathon, England. Runners had finish photos posted to their mobile phones before they’d left the finish chute,” said Marathon-Photos founder and managing director Francis Kay.

“It was a successful project but it required bulky infrastructure and satellite dishes, so it wasn’t a very expandable option.”

Programming and technological developments since then have allowed the company to produce portable devices that can be issued to photographers on the course and at the finish of any event.

“We’ve been photographing events since 1999 and we know that these days people want their photos instantly.  That is what we are doing here and now – it’s real-time live,” said Mr Kay.

The company has also launched its new website MarathonPhotos.live, in commitment to the live ideology.

“This was the 21st year we have photographed Christchurch Marathon.  They kept going after devastating earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 – so we thought it was the right place to launch our MarathonPhotos.Live website and service.”

The effects of Covid19 on endurance events allowed Marathon-Photos to focus on development of the hardware and software used in production of the live system.

Mr Kay says the Live service will be rolled out worldwide as major events start to ramp up again this year.

About Marathon-Photos.com

Started in 1999, Marathon-Photos.com was first in the world to promote marathon photos on the internet searchable by name or race number. It was first to offer personal race video online and first to offer products containing personal results.  The company has photographed more than 8000 events in 60 countries, with more than 200 million images of 30 million athletes.  Visit MarathonPhotos.live


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