Make your content marketing more inclusive, engaging & profitable

January 23, 2020

Reach a broader audience, and keep them engaged, to increase your audience size

Reach a broader audience, and keep them engaged, to increase your audience size

Is your content ignoring (or worse, excluding) some cultures, ethnicities, genders and other groups? How can you make it more inclusive? What’s the business case for doing so? How can you learn to speak to different groups?

One of the biggest challenges in reaching new audiences is figuring out how to speak with them. The second? To keep them engaged with your content marketing long enough to deliver the message.

“Diversity and Inclusion are two of the hottest topics right now, and there’s good reason for that,” says Peak Content Summit founder Tyler Benedict. “It’s not just that it’s the right thing to do. Reaching a broader demographic will increase your customer base, which can translate into serious business growth. But it’s tricky to get it right.”

“Making your content more inclusive means you need to connect with people outside of your normal circles. It’s something that intimidates marketers because the cost of getting it wrong is high. That’s why we’re running a session dedicated to teaching marketers and content creators how to reach a more diverse audience in an authentic manner.”

Inclusion is one thing, but Peak Content Summit, a two-day content marketing strategy conference held March 12-13, will also teach how to make your content more engaging so people will pay attention.

The Diversity & Inclusion session will be presented by Nzinga C. Blake, an award winning TV personality, writer, producer, actress and social impact filmmaker on ABC networks, CW, Showtime, BET & more. Most recently, she built Tribune Media’s Google News Initiative content arm for underrepresented & marginalized voices.

“Yes, making your content more inclusive can literally grow your audience and business!” says Benedict. “If you already knew this but don’t know what to do about it, Nzinga will walk you through the steps to creating better, more inclusive marketing content.”

Engagement is the other side of the coin. As head of RWCP Video Marketing, Rob Wiltsey has developed videos and stories for brands like Cotopaxi, Strava, Goodwill, Delta Airlines, The Hollywood Reporter & many more.

And now he’s going to help you do the same for your brand!

Rob’s session will help you understand story arcs and how to adapt them for different platforms, mediums and goals. Rob will teach you how to grab people’s attention (and keep it), with tons of tips for keeping readers and viewers engaged with your content. And how to make sure the message delivers the sales pitch in the process!

Peak Content Summit registration is open now, and seating is limited. More information, a complete list of speakers and the full curriculum is available at PeakContentSummit.com.