Machines For Freedom x Dioscvri Launch Mystic Felines Collection

March 9, 2021

Women-Led Brands Partner For Fierce New Collab Celebrating Empowerment

Los Angeles, Calif. (March 9, 2021) – Machines For Freedom®, the inclusive women’s cycling apparel brand has joined forces with Alameda, California-based art studio, Dioscvri to launch a collaborative garment and gear collection featuring a hand-carved block design. The Mystic Felines Collection consists of a long sleeve shirt, a short-sleeve shirt, a cap, water bottle and scarf.

Dioscvri is a women-owned and operated art studio dedicated to creating art pieces in a sustainable fashion. The Mystic Felines Collection is a nod to strong women (cis and trans), and non-binary and gender non-conforming folks, who forge their own path.  The print’s artwork features symbols of power, savvy intellect, strength, and agility; all concepts which can be linked to the powerful athletes, adventurers, and change-makers who make up the Machines For Freedom community. All tees are made from 100% organic cotton and are manufactured locally in Los Angeles, California.

“The Dioscvri x Machines collab was inspired by the power each and every one of us possesses,” said Jenn Kriske, founder of Machines For Freedom. “Sometimes it shows up loudly and boldly. Other times it manifests with quiet and steady determination. This collaboration with Dioscrvi is the embodiment of the power and strength  I see in the Machines community, and to celebrate that collective power.”

Discvri’s art is inspired by a wide array of topics – from cave drawings to mythological stories, and modern tattoo flash art – then block printed by hand in their studio. The Mystic Feline print was created by block printing the artwork and then digitizing the art for reproduction on tees, caps, water bottles, and scarves.

Kriske describes the artwork; “Since ancient times, felines have represented power, savvy intellect, strength, and agility. All concepts which can be linked to the powerful athletes, adventurers, and change-makers who make up this community.”

The Mystic Felines Collection includes the Mystic Felines Tee in short sleeve (MSRP $68) and long sleeve (MSRP $78), Mystic Felines Cycling Cap ($35), Mystic Felines Handkerchief ($30) and the Mystic Felines Bottle Set ($25) The collection is available now at https://www.machinesforfreedom.com/collections/the-mystic-felines-collection-by-dioscvri

For more information about Machines for Freedom, please visit www.machinesforfreedom.com.

Media Contact: Kelsey McGrew, OutsidePR, kelsey@outsidepr.com


About Machines For Freedom
Founded in 2013, Machines For Freedom is an inclusive high-performance women’s cycling brand based out of California. Women-founded and lead, Machines is achieving its mission in representation and body positivity not only through product design and branding but through storytelling of women cyclists. For more information about Machines For Freedom please visit www.machinesforfreedom.com.

About Dioscvri
“Dioscvri is a collaborative woman-owned art endeavor by Kristin Villatuya and Anna Martinez. Together, they experiment with the juxtaposition of ancient and contemporary art.”