Livermore Valley Half Marathon Champions Sustainability with Recyclable BibBoards Bib Clips

March 8, 2024

Livermore Valley Half Marathon Champions Sustainability with Recyclable BibBoards Bib Clips

Livermore, CA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The Livermore Valley Half Marathon, known for its commitment to innovation and sustainability, has taken a significant step towards an eco-friendly race experience by partnering with BibBoards for pinless bib attachment. This forward-thinking move eliminates the need for traditional safety pins, contributing to a cleaner racecourse and reducing post-event cleanup efforts.

Mascot Sports CEO Ryan Dawkins emphasized the event’s dedication to sustainability, stating, “In 2020, we became pioneers in the no-pins movement, introducing BibBoards at our events. Participants loved the convenience and eco-friendly approach, motivating us to continue this initiative.”

BibBoards, a leader in pinless bib fasteners, is proud to collaborate with Livermore Valley Half Marathon. Founder Brian Goodell stated, “Ryan and Mascot were early adopters, leading the way in the endurance space with our no-pins program. We’re thrilled to support their commitment to sustainability.”

The Livermore Valley Half Marathon, renowned for its picturesque course through the vineyards, further solidifies its reputation as a sustainable and participant-centric event with the adoption of BibBoards’ pinless bib fasteners.

Mascot Sports is a leader in sports and experiential marketing igniting the rally for innovation through athletes, brands and events. Mascot Sports was founded by 20 year veteran endurance sports executive and competitive athlete Ryan Dawkins, also the recipient of Acquisition International’s Business Excellence Award for “Best CEO in the Events Sector.” Programs have included: Amgen Tour of California, Warner Bros’ Wonder Woman Run Series, SF Giants’ Giant Race, Haute Route Europe, and the Bay Bridge Half Marathon, named a top global experience by Runner’s World Magazine.

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