Live this Sunday: 10th GFNY World Championship NYC

May 11, 2022

A live broadcast of the GFNY World Championship NYC will be available globally for free in English and Spanish this Sunday May 15 on GFNY.COM

NEW YORK CITY, May 11, 2022/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – The 10th GFNY World Championship NYC will be broadcast live on Sunday May 15 from 6am ET until noon on GFNY.COM, Youtube and Facebook.

5000 pros and amateurs alike fight for the GFNY World Championship crown on the 103 mile course with 8500 feet of climbing from NYC’s George Washington Bridge to Bear Mountain and back.

Like in past years, the English broadcast will again be commentated by local insider Dan Schmalz and experienced race announcer Gabe Lloyd. The all new Spanish broadcast will be hosted by the Urrego brothers Hector and Sergio. The Colombians have reported from the race for many years for Colombia’s largest cycling website.

But the show will also be interactive as fans can comment on Youtube and Facebook. The live broadcast assistants will relay questions coming in to the commentators. Additional race info will come from the Race Director car.

“We’ve been live broadcasting the race since 2016 when live posting became available on Facebook,” said GFNY CEO Uli Fluhme. “What started with holding a cell phone out of the lead car and narrating the whole thing right there, has turned into a professional looking and sounding experience.”

“What has remained since the early days is the contact with the fans and our ability to interact with them. Compliments like ‘The Giro is on but I am watching you guys – so much better!’ confirmed that we are on the right path for what a modern live broadcast should look and feel like.”

Four moto cameras capture the race action at the front of the male and the female race. The fixed cameras are pointing at the commentators and the finish line.

Watch live on GFNY.COM Sunday May 15, 2022.

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Riders get to BE A PRO FOR A DAY ® by competing against others, themselves and the clock in a personal endurance challenge.

Top 10% (20% at regional championships) of finishers in each age group qualify for the Racer Corral at every GFNY World event.

GFNY World Championship NYC

The 10th annual GFNY World Championship New York will be held on May 15, 2022. The race features the world’s most international peloton with riders from over 90 countries. Athletes take on a challenging 100-mile route from NYC to Bear Mountain to Fort Lee to compete against each other, the clock and themselves in a personal endurance challenge.

The official GFNY website is: www.gfny.com.

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