Live Road Racing Available Now with Orbiter

December 4, 2020

System meets all state mandates

SPANAWAY, Wash. – Live micro-races are back, and approved in most states, as long as mandates and guidelines are followed.

With Orbiter, Inc.’s patented technology and system, all state guidelines regarding social distancing, wave starts and safe finishes can easily be followed. Anyone can plan and put on races of 300 people or less, and it requires as few as two (2) people to operate, increasing the profitability to you, the Timer.

Having successfully navigated these waters already, Orbiter will provide guidance and training on how to easily set up and run your race. If required, Orbiter offers lobbying assistance at the state level to make sure your state’s government approves your race.

The Orbiter technology uses ide antennas instead of mats, and is low-cost whether taking advantage of its rental or purchase option. Two people can set up a micro race that includes self-serve registration, self-serve tag pick-up, and self-enrolled automated wave starts of whatever size your state’s guidelines allow.

Orbiter put on its first post-Covid 19 race on Thanksgiving. That Turkey Trot in Washington state went off without a hitch. The next event will be the Jingle Bell Run on Christmas Eve here in Washington. Registration is now open via Biggerpark.com.

For your races, you can use your existing registration and processing methods, and online reporting. Orbiter’s timing system is entirely localized, so no Cloud service is necessary. However, timers have the ability with Orbiter to upload results to the Internet if they choose. A QR code and phone app can make sure your runners can get their results, even without lingering after finishing the race (state guidelines).

Interested in getting your race back up and running? Contact us at the Orbiter.com, info@orbiter.com or by calling 253-327-4578.