LEOMO Launches World’s First Fully Remote Running Form Analysis Service

November 4, 2020

This handy service for beginner to advanced runners utilizes cutting-edge motion analysis technology and methodology used by elite athletes.

Boulder, CO (Nov. 4, 2020) — LEOMO Inc. conducts various tests in collaboration with the world’s top endurance athletes, coaches and sports scientists using its revolutionary motion analysis technology. Its portable TYPE-S system has the proven ability to track the precise motion of cyclists and runners and determine how to optimize their form for maximizing performance and avoiding injuries.

After our success analyzing running form with our TYPE-S and Live Video Sync (LVS) technology, we are pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first Remote Running Form Analysis Service utilizing our advanced TYPE-S technology in Japan on Nov. 3.

The innovative, easy-to-use service includes the rental of the TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro and five small sensors to perform the measurement process and running test protocol, as well as expert analysis and appropriate feedback from the LEOMO sports science team.

This service has three features that existing running form analysis services do not have.

  1. The LEOMO remote running form analysis service is based on data collected from five motion sensors placed on the thighs, feet and pelvis to measure precise segments of a runner’s movement. The measurements are based on LEOMO’s Motion Performance Indicators (MPIs), an advanced set of next-level running metrics that track a runner’s movements within specific segments of the stride cycle. Those MPIs measure the rear and forward kicking angles of the legs, the thigh swing speed, the efficiency of stride turnover and the overall stability of the runner’s stride. Analyzing this data not only reveals the difference between a runner’s current form and the most ideal form, but it can also identify imbalances and asymmetries related to “limited hip extension,” “hip drop,” “mid-foot strike,” and “forefoot strike.” With TYPE-S, it is now possible to evaluate the abstract descriptions of running form problems as numerical values ​​in an easy-to-understand manner.
  2. The advantage of the LEOMO remote running form service is that it requires no special preparation or the need to visit a running store or physiology lab. Instead of running on a treadmill, this new service analyzes a runner’s form based on data from running outside on a track or road. A runner can go through the running test wearing training shoes or racing shoes to fully understand their real movement in each setting.
  3. LEOMO’s remote running form analysis service is conducted in an entirely remote manner, making it especially useful for runners who cannot undergo in-person coaching services. However, the LEOMO motion data and analytical feedback can be viewed online and shared with a coach and then immediately incorporated into training. The ultimate value of the running form analysis and feedback is the ability to help a runner improve imbalances and asymmetries to optimize performance and reduce the chance of injury.

Suzuki Hamamatsu Athletic Club director Arata Fujiwara, who regularly incorporates TYPE-S and LEOMO analysis services into his training, said the LEOMO technology and motion analysis is revolutionary. “I can approach the depth of motion that I can not reach with my own sense,” Fujiwara said.

“I wanted to measure when it was the best form,” said Yuki Sato of SGH, who is said to have the most beautiful running form. “The motion analysis that was done using indoor facilities is the same as the race. Now you can do it in the outdoor environment, which is a great help for runners to understand their form and improve their performance.”

The remote running form analysis service has launched in Japan, but plans are in the works to expand it to the U.S. and Europe in the near future. In addition, LEOMO has already begun collaborating with top athletes in Japan and overseas, and plans to deliver their knowledge to more athletes through coaching services and other means.


LEOMO has prepared three service packages to meet the various needs of its users.

Basic has one measurement and feedback, and standard has two. The second time you can measure with a different menu, time and place, shoes from the first time, or you can run with the feedback of the first time in mind, and you can measure according to the purpose of the user. In addition, the group package can be used at a lower cost by using it in groups such as practice friends and teams instead of one person.

Basic package
Price: 8,300JPY (excl Tax), 10% discount is available from second time onwards.
TYPE-S rental unit, plus 1 running form measurement and feedback report.

Standard package
Price: 12,800JPY (excl Tax), 10% discount is available from second time onwards
TYPE-S rental unit, plus 2 running form measurements and 2 feedback reports.

Group package
Price: 21,800JPY (excl Tax), 10% discount is available from second time onwards
TYPE-S rental unit, plus 4 running form measurements and 4 feedback reports.

More information (in Japanese)

For more details about the remote running form analysis service, visit LEOMO’s web page that includes an explanation of the process and online registration.

TYPE-S Product page: https://www.leomo.io/pages/product-type-s

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