LEOMO Launches Remote Bike-Fitting Service in Europe

May 20, 2021

affordable, easy-to-use service utilizes LEOMO’s wearable motion analysis technology that collects data on a cyclist’s precise movements

Boulder, CO (May 20,  2021) — LEOMO Inc., a company that helps cyclists and triathletes of all levels break through power plateaus with products and direct-to-customer services that enable faster, stronger, more efficient, injury-free riding, has launched its innovative remote bike-fitting service in Europe using its wearable motion analysis technology.

Through LEOMO technology and cycling form expertise derived from thousands of athlete data analysis sessions, remote bike-fitting service allows all levels of cyclists and triathletes to fine-tune their position and movements to achieve optimal performance without having to visit a bike shop. The service debuted in Japan and the U.S. in 2020 to rave reviews.

The remote bike-fitting service utilizes LEOMO’s next-level cycling metrics that optimize body position and pedaling form with five motion sensors. The service includes rental of LEOMO’s TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro and guidance for riders to perform the measurement process while on their road bike or triathlon/TT bike on a smart trainer in the comfort of their own home.

After data collection, the measurements are shared with the LEOMO analysis team to provide expert assessment and advice on how to improve positioning based on LEOMO Motion Performance Indicator (MPI) data. The optimal bike position and improved strength specific to that position can help stabilize a cyclist’s pelvic movement and pedaling motion, optimize the range of motion of the hip joint and maximize power output.

Traditional bike-fitting methods using coefficients, over-the-counter services using cumbersome harnesses, and empirical and sensory settings have been used to measure and set saddle heights. With this new remote service, LEOMO will provide cyclists and triathletes with their own benchmark and starting point for those who do not have a standard value. In addition, experienced riders will have more room to improve their performance with the saddle height and setback position based on motion analysis.

Typically competitive cyclists and triathletes go through a bike-fitting service once or twice a year. But there is often a need and demand for micro adjustments between services based on improving fitness, occasional discomfort and changing body position. Many athletes don’t have a bike fitter nearby when they experience pain or discomfort in their current position or want to adjust their position to improve performance.

“By undergoing a LEOMO bike fit on my road bike, I was finally able to find the same good feeling on my road bike as on my TT bike,” says Victor Campenaerts, a Belgian pro cyclist who rides for UCI WorldTeam NTT Pro Cycling and holds the hour record of 55.089km.

“This new service gives you the personal input of an expert biker-fitter with the precision of motion analysis technology that truly makes it a unique service for getting those last percentage gains to maximize your performance,” says Adam Hansen, an Australian professional cyclist who rides for UCI WorldTeam Lotto–Soudal who holds the record for completing 20 consecutive Grand Tour events.

LEOMO was founded on the principle that “Precision Makes Perfect,” and it has developed sports motion tracking technology with the belief that every cyclist and triathlete can improve their movement patterns to become more efficient, faster, stronger and less susceptible to injury.

In a recently signed partnership with Movistar Team, LEOMO is using its motion analysis technology to provide data-informed pedaling motion analysis, training feedback and race data review for Movistar riders (men, women and esports) with an aim at identifying and improving rider weaknesses and posture to optimize bike position, cycling form, cycling economy and training and racing performance.

This summer LEOMO will launch a direct-to-customer Remote Bike-Fitting service for TYPE-R and TYPE-S owners, as well as a service for device owners who want to incorporate the service into their coaching or bike-fitting businesses. In addition, LEOMO will be debuting a new Cycling Performance Clinic with four courses aimed at helping cyclists improve efficiency, reduce pain and discomfort, break through training plateaus and prepare for races.

Initially, the European Remote Bike-Fitting Service will include the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the countries of the European Union.

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Basic plan
Price: $99 USD
Saddle height adjustment by 2 times measurements and 2 reports including rental TYPE-S unit.

Standard plan
Price: $132 USD
Saddle height and setbacks adjustment by 3 times measurements and 3 reports including rental TYPE-S unit.

Remote bike-fitting customers can receive a $60 discount on the purchase of a TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro setup (£699/€799) and a $20 discount for the TYPE-S Sensor Kit package (£399/€449) including VAT) within three weeks of undergoing the service.

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