LEOMO Brings Wearable Motion Analysis Technology into Performance Running

April 23, 2020

New metrics help runners improve form imbalances, increase efficiency, boost performance

Boulder, CO (April 23, 2020) — With the release of its five new running-specific Motion Performance Indicators (MPIs), LEOMO Inc. has created a new digital paradigm to allow runners and triathletes to precisely understand the complexity of their entire gait cycle and make appropriate changes in real-time for optimal efficiency and performance while training and racing.

LEOMO’s Running MPIs track specific aspects of a runner’s gait cycle through five proprietary motion sensors and convert that data into coachable metrics via the new TYPE-S sports computer. Runners and triathletes can utilize LEOMO’s wearable motion analysis technology to make minor adjustments to their form during a run to improve speed and efficiency and can use those digital insights to develop the necessary strength, greater mobility and better postural control for long-term development.

“We believe all runners and triathletes can achieve a greater level of efficiency with our technology and be able to run better, faster and healthier,” said Kunihiko Kaji, CEO and co-founder of LEOMO. “For the first time, runners can understand precisely how their body moves and provide cues on how to improve their form. Those changes can lead to big gains in running performance.”

LEOMO will explain the new Running MPIs via a free live webinar at 11 a.m. MDT on Thursday, May 7. To promote the launch, LEOMO is giving away three TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro device packages to performance-oriented runners.

Each of the LEOMO Running MPIs measures specific aspects of a runner’s movement patterns and can help runners identify any weaknesses, imbalances and inefficient movements which may be adversely affecting their form. With specific insights gained from the MPIs — Strike Angular Range, Thigh Swing Speed, Recoil Angular Range, Heel Pitch and Smoothness — runners can develop more efficient habitual movement patterns by executing conscientious technique changes, appropriate form drills and strength exercises.

Strike Angular Range (Strike AR) is the measurement of the angular range of the foot as it swings back towards you before striking the ground. By improving symmetry and increasing angular range, a runner can increase the amount of propulsive force that goes into the next stride.

Thigh Swing Speed is the measurement of the maximum velocity of the thigh as it swings forward on each stride. High swing velocity is a key to fast running, and a reduction is often indicative of changes in form, timing, and fatigue. 

Heel Pitch is the percentage of the stride that a runner is on ground generating propulsive force, and serves as a way to quantify the storing and releasing of forward energy of a runner’s stride. 

Recoil Angular Range (Recoil AR) measures the range of how high your foot rises after leaving the ground on each stride. The higher the recoil range, the easier it will be to swing the leg during the subsequent swing phase.

Smoothness reflects the lateral smoothness of the pelvis during each stride and a runner’s dynamic control during the gait cycle. Greater smoothness indicates a higher level of coordination, stability and synchronization in a runner’s stride.

“Understanding how a runner moves with digital analytics is the key to short-term improvement, long-term development and reaching new levels of performance,” says LEOMO sports analyst, Joseph Cavarretta. “Once you understand the specific movement patterns that make up your running gait, you can begin to train your form and build strength to achieve greater uniformity, improved efficiency, and increased speed.”

The TYPE-S device provides runners with a tool to quantify athletic form, function and performance via five IMU sensors, LEOMO’s proprietary motion tracking technology and the LEOMO app interface. The TYPE-S also has access to the Google Play store, making it possible for athletes to use all of their favorite third-party apps to further enhance their training and racing experiences, and can automatically sync training and racing data to Strava and TrainingPeaks.

TYPE-S runs on the Android operating system which allows it to combine the functionality of a sports computer with the convenience of a phone. Wi-Fi connectivity and integration of a Nano SIM card allow a user to stay connected via 2G/3G/LTE connectivity. An athlete can use TYPE-S to email a coach, text training partners, call family members and browse the internet before, during and after a run from their TYPE-S device.

Since its inception in 2012, LEOMO has developed new technological innovations in the endurance sports industry. LEOMO plans to continue developing new, groundbreaking solutions for high-performance athletes, coaches, fitters and researchers. The goal is to create high-quality products that focus on the data necessary to optimize an athlete’s performance.
LEOMO launched the TYPE-S in January 2020 in two performance packages. The TYPE-S Sensor Kit Pro ($799) comes with five proprietary IMU sensors, sensor adhesives for attachment to the body, two sensor clips for attachment to running shoes, while the TYPE-S Sensor Kit ($449) includes two IMU sensors, sensor adhesives and two sensor clips. You can view your running and motion data in real-time on the LEOMO app on the TYPE-S device or analyze and compare it from the online dashboard of the LEOMO Web Application. LEOMO’s running MPIs are also available on LEOMO’s TYPE-R device.

About LEOMO, Inc.

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