‘La Vuelta Virtual 22’ Warm-Up Racing Weekend #2 – July

July 4, 2022

The ‘La Vuelta Virtual 22’ Warm-Up Racing Series continues with the July community events on ROUVY. The former MTB World Champion Jose Hermida and riders from the UCI Pro Team Equipo Kern Pharma invite everyone to ride and race with them from home, to earn a chance at getting some great and valuable prizes from ZYCLE, Europcar and La Vuelta.

Madrid, Spain / July 4th, 2022 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – La Vuelta calls on cyclists and fans, of all fitness levels, to ride with the pros from the Equipo Kern Pharma to explore Spain. ROUVY’s augmented roads grant the ability to travel virtually around places one can only dream of visiting. Race virtually from your cool home online with real efforts to feel like a pro!


Not many European countries have as rich a history as Spain does and this Challenge will help riders discover some of the most fascinating historical sites of this Mediterranean country: the mountainous Montserrat Monastery, the pilgrimage town of Santiago de Compostela and the Priego de Córdoba.

Finishing the challenge equals a chance at winning VIP passes for the La Vuelta 2022. The VIP Tickets enable you to go ‘behind the scenes’ of one of the La Vuelta stages to watch the race from the mechanic’s car or even from a helicopter!

Registration for the Challenge is here.

July 6 | La Vuelta 2021 | Montserrat Monastery | Group Ride #2 with Equipo Kern Pharma | 8.2 km
July 8 | La Vuelta 2021 | Stage 15 – El Barraco | Race Day #4 | 25.2 km

July 9 | La Vuelta 2021 | Stage 21 – Santiago de Compostela | Race Day #5 | 30.8 km

July 10 | La Vuelta 2021 | Stage 11 – Priego de Córdoba | Race Day #6 | 27.3 km

July 20 | La Vuelta 2020 | Stage 10 – Comillas | Group Ride #3 with Jose Hermida and EKF | 8.2 km

With 2 different time zones (EU and USA) for every race day, the events are available with their respective starts at 9:00 and 19:00 CET. 2 VIP passes for the Group Ride with the pros are in the draw. Prizes are presented by ZYCLE (the smart trainer manufacturer from Spain, Europcar and UniPublic, the organizer behind La Vuelta.

La Vuelta Virtual Grand Final

After 3 months of qualification races, the epic grand finale on the ZYCLE smart ZBike will take place as an in-person event in Madrid. Along with the qualified finalists, some former pro riders will join the battle for the crown of the virtual peloton (Details will be announced later).

Registration is free of charge and OPEN HERE.

*More information along with the calendar for August and September events will be announced later on.

//Press visuals are here.


About La Vuelta

La Vuelta is Spain’s most important cycling race and one of the most important events worldwide. Organised for the first time in 1935, La Vuelta has grown exponentially over its 80+ year history. Currently, the Spanish tour is a benchmark race that has expanded its borders when compared to its first editions, which took place only on Spanish soil. Today, La Vuelta is an international race that brings together the best riders in the world expanding its prestigious victory tally by adding the world’s leading cyclists to it, year after year.



ROUVY is a digital racing platform that brings the experience of real-life cycling competitions to your home. ROUVY offers thousands of exciting virtual roads to join the pro peloton online or compete with friends. Overlaying augmenting avatars over the geo-synced video footage, ROUVY makes home training both realistic and fun. Cycling enthusiasts and the most demanding athletes are welcome to cycle the world from home to stay fit or get ready for the next race!



ZYCLE is a smart trainer manufacturer from Valencia (Spain). The company is on its way to revolutionizing the cycling and home training markets with its range of connected equipment. The technical expertise and R&D have allowed it to create turbo trainers and a smartbike of the highest quality.


About Europcar Mobility Group

Europcar Mobility Group is a major player in mobility markets and listed on Euronext Paris. Europcar Mobility Group’s purpose is to offer attractive alternatives to vehicle ownership, in a responsible and sustainable manner. With this in mind, the Group offers a wide range of car and van rental services – be it for a few hours, a few days, a week, a month or more – with a fleet that is already “CO2 light” and equipped with the latest engines, and which will be increasingly “green” in the years to come. Europcar Mobility Group delivers its mobility solutions worldwide through an extensive network in over 140 countries (including wholly owned subsidiaries – 18 in Europe, 1 in the USA, 2 in Australia and New Zealand – completed by franchises and partners).


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