LA Tri Club Names InsideTracker Official Personalized Performance, Nutrition Partner

March 2, 2022

LOS ANGELES. – March 2, 2022/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Los Angeles Triathlon Club (LA Tri Club) today announced a partnership with InsideTracker, a leading, truly personalized performance and nutrition system, which will enable its members to further amplify their training results based on blood, DNA and fitness tracker data.

As part of the partnership, LA Tri Club will offer its members and coaches preferred access to all InsideTracker programs, including InsideTracker Pro, enabling the club to easily expand its member-specific, supportive service offerings. By using InsideTracker’s ultra-personalized programs, science-backed Action Plan recommendations and integrating with blood, DNA and fitness trackers, members can apply insights and regularly retest to calibrate and get feedback for maximum positive progress.

“For 22 years, LA Tri Club has been a leader in the multisport world as one of the largest and longest-running clubs in the US. We keep reinventing ourselves to stay ahead of the crowd and work nonstop to offer what truly speaks to the needs of our members as they achieve the extraordinary,” said Paul Hekimian, president and founder, LA Tri Club. “InsideTracker is a natural partner for us, since they lead the field in creating innovative programs that help athletes learn more about their bodies from the inside-out for optimal health and competitive performance.”

“Since its founding in 2009, InsideTracker has been a secret weapon in the training regimen of elite multisport athletes, and we’re thrilled to continue that relationship by bringing these elite insights to the broader triathlon community through this partnership with LA Tri Club,” said Royi Metser, director of business development, InsideTracker. “LA Tri Club’s continued evolution to apply the same science-backed precision to athlete optimization makes us ideal partners.”

About LA Tri Club

Starting in 2000, LA Tri Club was built on passion and performance and remains one of the largest, longest-running, and most renown triathlon clubs in the US. We provide a unique blend of elite coaching and an unmatched network of information, support services, training & racing activities, and community for all ages and abilities. For athletes in Los Angeles and across the globe, our curated team of coaches and experts support the needs and goals of each athlete’s competitive journey. Our community of supportive, committed members help us create extraordinary memories and lifelong relationships through competition, education, volunteering, and social activities.

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About InsideTracker

Founded in 2009 by top scientists from acclaimed universities in the fields of aging, genetics and biology, InsideTracker is a truly personalized nutrition and performance system. InsideTracker’s mission is to help people add years to their lives and life to their years by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. By analyzing the body’s data from blood, DNA and fitness trackers, InsideTracker gives a crystal-clear picture of what’s going on inside, along with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. Read our peer-reviewed papers in Scientific Reports and Current Developments in Nutrition.

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