Kryptonite Lock Launches Comprehensive, Retailer-Focused Education Guide For E-Bike Users

September 8, 2021

Canton, MA, USA – Kryptonite®, a brand of Allegion and manufacturer of class-leading locks, lights and security solutions for the bicycle industry, has launched a comprehensive online and in-store resource guide to help e-bike owners maintain the security of their valued purchase. The guide, which will be displayed through in-store retail displays, is also available online in an interactive format and can be printed from Kryptonite’s website as well. The guide for retail displays was designed to be a natural conversation starter between retail associates and customers, providing a discussion opportunity to help ensure the purchaser is aware of how to properly secure their new e-bike at home or in town.

The rise in the availability and affordability of e-bikes has led to many cyclists purchasing these bikes for commuting and recreational purposes. Unfortunately, the popularity of e-bikes has also led to a rise in theft. It’s likely that many impacted e-bike owners could have minimized the likelihood that their bikes were stolen if the recommended steps were considered in advance.

“For retailers, Kryptonite’s new e-bike guide is an easy conversation starter with customers, especially those who’ve never owned a high-value bicycle before. Along with asking about other accessories, they can use the guide’s visual cues to point out how to properly secure their e-bike. And, if the customer doesn’t have the proper locks at home, retailers can point them in the right direction,” said Daryl Slater, Kryptonite brand manager. “While the online experience is different, we’re also encouraging e-commerce partners to link to the downloadable brochure to help keep those customers informed on best practices for securing their new purchases.”

The best e-bike security options can be rendered ineffective if utilized improperly. Kryptonite’s online e-bike security resource guide features guidance on recommended e-bike lock-up tips for various bike styles, including standard e-bikes, cargo e-bikes and commuter e-bikes. Along with recommendations on the style of lock that should be used based on the bike and usage scenario, it includes tips on how to affix locks to minimize the likelihood of tamper. Tips such as locking the various parts of the bike according to their value may seem obvious to seasoned riders, but for many, they are often overlooked. The full educational guidelines can be found online and through in-store displays distributed to e-bike retailers throughout the country.

“Unfortunately, many people learn the hard way that the way they locked their e-bike had some major security flaws, regardless of the quality of the lock they used. Even the best lock can be rendered less effective through easily avoidable mistakes,” continued Slater. “Kryptonite created this education and resource guide to help e-bike owners, no matter what brand of lock they own or style of e-bike they prefer, keep their valued purchases safe.”

As part of the resource campaign, Kryptonite is encouraging e-bike owners who purchase Kryptonite locks to register them through Kryptonite’s ATPO program. It reimburses a registered customer for a specific monetary amount, based on the lock purchased and cost of the bike, if that bicycle is stolen due to the breaking of a Kryptonite lock by force*. This protection offer set the standard in the bicycle industry when it was first introduced over 30 years ago and continues to be popular with cyclists today.

Kryptonite’s e-bike proper lock-up resource guide is online now, prominently positioned on the brand’s homepage, with physical in-store resources shipping to retailers this month.

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*Learn more about Kryptonite’s Global Anti-Theft Protection Offer Terms and Conditions at https://www.kryptonitelock.com/en/policy/terms-and-conditions.html