KINeSYS is back as an Official Sponsor of the Women’s Adventure Film Tour USA

March 1, 2021

Launching International Women's Day, WAFT advocates for amazing women doing incredible things.

1st March 2021, Vancouver, Canada – KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen have announced they will be once again sponsoring the Women’s Adventure Film Tour USA. Now in its third year, the tour features a selection of unique films that are carefully chosen to show incredible women achieving their personally adventurous goals.

KINeSYS has been protecting women who adventure for over 25 years; being a small ‘adventure family’ owned brand, this purpose is close to heart for owners Lisa and Wade Heggie.

“We at KINeSYS champion women in the outdoors, and are very excited to be part of the Women’s Adventure Film Tour for a second year running. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the community, and continue to advocate for amazing women doing incredible things.” – Lisa Heggie, KINeSYS CEO

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is the perfect way for women to protect themselves from sun damage, allowing athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to safely chase adventure goals, without impeding their performance.

The Film Tour will be launching on 8th March 2021 in the USA and Canada, to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s lineup includes a diverse set of films featuring women of all ages and backgrounds; American backcountry skier, Sophia Schwartz, World Champion Paraglider Klaudia Bulgakow and an epic lineup of films including women in mountaineering, para-climbing, swimming and mountain biking.

“Being adventurous doesn’t always have to mean being the fastest, going the highest or doing the most extreme things. Adventure for the most of us is stepping outside our comfort zone and climbing our own personal Everest.” – Adventure Entertainment

Due to COVID restrictions, the predominant method of release for this year’s tour will be through virtual channels. Tickets for the online screen are just $10.00USD; purchasers will be eligible for amazing sponsor prizes, and also have access to a 90-days free trial of ADVENTURE+ so they can watch the last 2 seasons of WAFT, and many more great women’s adventure films.

About KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is a leading sunscreen manufacturer based in Canada. For 25 years, the brand has been developing and distributing high-performance sunscreens and sun protection products around the globe, helping to spread the message of sun safety for all outdoor enthusiasts, ‘However You Perform.’ The range features oil-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free sunscreens beloved by both athletes and amateurs alike. Available through speciality Retail Partners in the USA, Canada and Australia; and online at www.kinesysactive.com, www.kinesyactive.ca, and www.kinesysactive.com.au.

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