KINeSYS Champions participate in #GlobalRunningDay

June 5, 2020

2020 Brand Ambassadors celebrate the joy and purpose of running

June 5th 2020 – Although the Covid-19 pandemic may not allow people to join in community events like they usually do, interest in Global Running Day didn’t waiver. Instead runners worldwide showed their passion for running by participating in a more individual capacity including KINeSYS 2020 Champions from Canada, the USA and Australia who took part running solo or with a small group.

KINeSYS is a leading performance sunscreen brand providing high quality products for the North American and Australian markets, and is enjoyed particularly by people who like to keep active – one of their largest concentration of customers is runners. They have some loyal fans too, some of whom have become brand ambassadors, who the company calls, “KINeSYS Champions”.

One of their Champions @ameliasactivities on her Instagram post said “Celebrating #globalrunningday…. Just a couple of easy laps of my local. Grateful to be able to run with my friends and on my own. I’m here for the long term and am always mindful to never take being able to run for granted.”

Another KINeSYS Champion, @sophrunningfit posted on her Instagram, “Running has brought so much joy and purpose into my life!! I am eternally grateful that I happened across it and in doing so forever changed my life for the better. I’ve had so many adventures over the years, and running with loved ones makes it all the more treasured.”

People all over the world have been finding ways to be able to keep active in ways they wouldn’t ordinarily. Runners like Anna Harding who ran a marathon in her Mom’s back yard in the United Kingdom, running close to 2000 laps to complete the distance. “Our Champions, and our customers, are very active. That’s why we are their first choice in sunscreen. And our community have found ways to stay active during this time. It’s good to see.” says Wade Heggie, Co-Owner of KINeSYS.

Why is this sunscreen the choice for runners around the world? “It doesn’t start to seep into the eyes as soon as you start to sweat. So, when people are running it’s the perfect sunscreen to use.” says Wade Heggie, Co-Owner. USA Runner’s World Magazine agrees, listing KINeSYS SPF 50 Fragrance Free Spray Sunscreen as one of their “19 Sweat-Resistant Sunscreen That’ll Keep You Covered Through Every Run”.

Ticking all the boxes to protect without impacting a runner’s performance, the sunscreen is oil and alcohol free, 100% free of fragrances and preservatives, and the best of all part, the clear spray is easy to apply clear. While clear sunscreen isn’t a new idea, this one, in particular, is a great option if you’re looking for a formula that’s not going to drip into your eyes and also isn’t going to leave you with an oily, greasy feeling.

With 25 years’ experience in the sunscreen industry KINeSYS know what they’re doing. Their products have a loyal following with customers, many who’ve been using their products since inception. “We have some customers who have been using our product year in and year out since the start. I think that says something about how well our products perform. It’s a range of products and formulas you can trust.” adds Wade.

For more information about the KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen range visit www.kinesysactive.com

About KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen

KINeSYS Performance Sunscreen is a leading sunscreen manufacturer based in Canada. For 25 years, the brand has been developing and distributing high-performance sunscreens and sun protection products around the globe, helping to spread the message of sun safety for all outdoor enthusiasts, ‘However You Perform.’ The range features oil-free, alcohol-free and preservative-free sunscreens beloved by both athletes and amateurs alike. Available through speciality Retail Partners in the USA, Canada and Australia; and online at www.kinesysactive.com, www.kinesyactive.caand www.kinesysactive.com.au.

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