Kilter’s 2nd Annual “Miles for Meaning” with $60K in Donation Prizes for Charities Set to Launch in March

January 18, 2022

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ Miles for Meaning, the activity-driven charity challenge created by Kilter in 2021 will return with more donation prize money available to charities this March 1-31, it was announced by Seth Braddock, Kilter Founder & CEO.

“Our inaugural Miles for Meaning was a big hit with charities and their supporters as thousands of people put in over 300,000 miles,” said Braddock.” The campaign raised $125,000. This year, our goal is to double those numbers.”

Kilter is the most inclusive activity-based engagement platform for good. The platform is used by charities and brands to unite supporters and employees through everyday health, wellness and lifestyle activities.

Miles for Meaning, open to both charities and companies for their supporters and employees, will provide tens of thousands of dollars in donation prizes to charities, including a $30,000 grand prize donation. Participants in the event will accumulate miles (steps, run, bike, walk, roll) from March 1-31 and can also fundraise themselves for their favorite charity if they so choose. The participating charity and company teams will compete to win cash donation prizes sponsored by KilterComcast SportsTechTVPBonfireNonprofit HubCharity Teams, & more.

“Kilter is a game changer and that’s why I joined their advisory board,” said Meb Keflkezighi, the only person to ever win an Olympic medal and the New York City and Boston Marathons. “They support charities such as the MEB Foundation while providing runners with the world’s most inclusive supporter engagement platform. I’m looking forward to donating my hustle and racking up my Miles for Meaning this March.”

During the first year of the campaign in March 2021, more than 5,500 total participants racked up 324,000 miles and $125,000 in donations for their favorite causes. The grand prize winner in 2021 was Dylan’s Wings of Change, who have since used Kilter for 14 additional events and have reached 200% more supporters and doubled their fundraising potential by utilizing Kilter.


Kilter is the world’s most inclusive supporter engagement platform that turns everyday health, wellness and lifestyle activities into opportunities for people to drive charitable dollars to their favorite causes, all while building culture and community to make a global impact. With 50+ trackable activities from running to yoga to pickleball to volunteering, plus our best in class user experience, functionality and customer support, employers, nonprofits and event producers will meet their supporters where they are today (on their phones) and easily exceed engagement and impact goals. Learn more at www.kilterapp.com.