Kilimanjaro Trail Run adds two events to race lineup and increases commitment to community development

November 20, 2023

West Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (November 20, 2023)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Kilimanjaro Trail Run adds two events to race lineup and increases commitment to community development.

The new 50k Ultra is an aspirational ultra distance for those not yet ready to tackle the 65k and 75k versions on offer. Race creator and director Brett Harrison added the event to encourage first-time ultra runners in their efforts to conquer a distance of more than 42 kilometers on Kilimanjaro.

He added, “The 50k course passes through three distinct ecological zones and peaks out at 11,500 ft (3500 m). Yet it’s actually an easier race than our full marathon, as it shares the same 13.5 hour cutoff as the other two ultras and contains far more downhill running than the 42k.

The West Kili Forest 10k is also making its debut in 2024. It will be the first shorter distance event added to a race that already boasts five half, full, and ultra marathon distance races, showcasing some of the most difficult running in the region. The 10k is more accessible for those who would otherwise have been spectators and for the local public, ensuring Kilimanjaro Trail Run really does have a race for every runner in the family. A 3-hour cutoff makes the race attractive to hikers as well.

Red Knot Racing Company also announced their increased commitment to community development, keenly aware adventure athletes are more interested than ever to know exactly how their participation positively impacts local communities. Athletes participating in the Kilimanjaro Trail Run can run their event and accomplish good, knowing their 3-day Kilimanjaro weekend will ensure that fully 50% of profits are poured directly into community projects facilitated by Red Knot Development.

This community investment is more than fine with Red Knot Racing Company’s director Brett Harrison: it’s actually the intent. Red Knot Development was created for the discrete purpose of funneling funding and projects back into the very communities used in its races.

“Kili Trail Run’s combination of Mount Kilimanjaro, trail running, philanthropy, and community all rolled into one is just a can’t miss experience… Red Knot has really figured out this niche market, ensuring even your downtime makes an impact in the world,” 3-time Kili Trails Festival attendee Ari deJonge expressed.

The addition of these two events to Kilimanjaro Trail Run’s 2024 edition, as well as the increased commitment to community development, are just a few of the ways in which Red Knot Racing Company continues to improve its already stellar lineup of endurance races that are so intimately connected with the local communities through which they travel.

Other Red Knot experiences are Grumeti Fund Kilimanjaro 2 Natron (K2N), which is a 5-day mountain bike stage race across some of northern Tanzania’s toughest and most scenic landscapes, as well as Kili Trails Festival, a weekend of trail running, mountain biking, camping, food vendors, and live music on the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro Trail Run will take place August 31 – September 1, 2024. Registration is open.

Further details on Kilimanjaro Trail Run can be found at https://www.kilimanjarotrail.com.

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Red Knot Racing Company was founded to fund community development work, and all races and events serve to expand and scale Red Knot Development’s successes in improving the lives of their neighbors. You can find Red Knot Racing’s full lineup of events at https://redknotracing.com and read about their development work at https://www.redknotdevelopment.org.

For inquiries, contact Brett Harrison at Brett@redknotdevelopment.com.