JUST RUN Announces Free At-Home Running Challenge for Summer

May 8, 2020

Students will be awarded with medals after July 15th

CARMEL, CA – The Big Sur Marathon Foundation is supporting the JUST RUN Home School Program and challenging its participants by offering their highly coveted, handmade medals to children who complete various event distances before July 15, 2020. Children will be awarded a Big Sur medal that most closely corresponds to their overall mileage logged over the next two months. Awards are provided for running the following distance totals: 5K (3.1 miles), 12K (7.5 miles), 11-Miler, 21-Miler, or Marathon (26.2 miles).

Parents interested in enrolling their child in the free JUST RUN Home School Program, may complete and submit a registration form. Once the form is received, the child will then be added to a Home School group and the parent will receive an email with instructions on how to log mileage run or walked by their child. Parents will be able to view their child’s mileage accomplishments on the JUST RUN website. Total mileage must be submitted by July 15th in order to receive a medal. All parents will also receive a printable coloring page featuring a customizable badge design that can be used as a fun activity to celebrate their child’s running accomplishments.

“We are excited to offer all children this challenging opportunity to earn a medallion for remaining physically active and achieving their running goals,” said Susan Love, Program Director. “Staying fit is more important than ever for these kids and their families.”

JUST RUN, an award-winning fitness program utilized by schools across the globe, launched a fitness-at-home program last month to support physical activity in children facing school closures. The family-friendly program encourages parents to get active with their children while adhering to local, regional, and state Shelter in Place guidelines.

To sign your child up and get started today, visit justrun.org.

To learn more about JUST RUN visit www.justrun.org. For more information on the Big Sur Marathon Foundation, visit bigsurmarathon.org

Contact: Susan Love

JUST RUN Director