Introducing Ultra X I Feel Slovenia

May 31, 2024

/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Global ultra-marathon events series, Ultra X announced I Feel Slovenia as headline partner for Ultra X Slovenia 2024.

  • Ultra X Slovenia is a multi-stage ultra-marathon taking place over five days with options for competitors to join for five, two or one stage (s).
  • The race will take place between the 4th and 9th June 2024.
  • The race takes place in the stunning, diverse landscapes of Slovenia, showcasing its picturesque mountains, lush forests, and serene lakes..
  • During this unforgettable week, competitors will experience the place, the people, and the beauty of this iconic country in full.
  • The full distance Ultra X I Feel Slovenia is a UTMB® World Series Qualifier in the 100K category, the 110km event is a UTMB Indexed race in the 100K category and the 50km event is indexed in the 50K category.
  • Whilst registrations for 2024 are closed. 2025 will be opening at the beginning of July and those that are interested can get Early Access via this link.

“This race in Slovenia is one of our newest and most exciting locations. There is no better feeling than running through the stunning Slovenian landscapes and immersing oneself in its natural beauty and culture. The trails really are up there with some of the very best on the planet.” said Sam Heward, Ultra X Co-Founder.

About this Race

Organisers, Ultra X have specifically designed this ultra marathon to ensure that each stage is totally unique and the event showcases the diversity and beauty of the country.

Ultra X aim to choose true bucket list locations for their trail events and Slovenia is a country that embraces you with lush greenery and a commitment to sustainability. In this unique land the Pannonian, Alpine and Mediterranean worlds converge, bringing you natural, cultural and culinary diversity.

Each day from Monday to Friday involves one stage, which will commence between 06:00 and 08:00 and range between 30km and 60km. There are checkpoints stationed approximately 10km apart where competitors can access water, shelter, and, if necessary, support including physical therapists and medics.

Each night, competitors will camp in locations chosen to showcase the very best of the local area, where they can enjoy physiotherapy treatment, medical care, and hot water.

Nina Rose on behalf of the Slovenian Tourism Board said “The Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) is delighted to participate this year for the first time as the main partner of the Ultra X I Feel Slovenia event. Through this partnership, the Slovenian Tourist Board affirms its commitment to promoting Slovenia as an exceptional destination for sports tourism and outdoor experiences, as well as the value of the I Feel Slovenia brand. A shared dedication to sustainability further unites Ultra X and the STO, enhancing the collaboration. We are confident that Ultra X I Feel Slovenia will be an unforgettable experience.”

Other partners of Ultra X I Feel Slovenia event are; Slovenian Nutrition distributors La PrimaFit, Vipava Valley Tourism Board Vipasvki Dolina, Australian Cap Brand Fractel and Toothpaste supplier Gudyu.

About Ultra X

Ultra X organise a series of multi-stage ultra marathons in some of the most exotic and exciting places on the planet. Their mission is to put on life-changing, transformative experiences and provide best in class support to participants to allow anyone to take on one of their events. Ultra X believe that the experience of a multi-stage race is one of the best experiences that anyone can have and their aim is to get more people participating.

Sam@ultra-x.co 07585707521

About The Slovenian Tourism Board

I Feel Slovenia are the Official Travel Guide to the country and the perfect partner for an organisation obsessed with creating experiences. you’re looking to get the absolute most out of your trip, head over to their website here.