Introducing PEAR® Studio: Pioneering Fully Customizable, Multi-Screen Digital Fitness Programming for Studios and Fitness Facilities

February 3, 2022

No matter what programming style a studio, yoga, or fitness facility offers, PEAR® Studio can visualize it and offer members a seamless experience, whether they train in-studio or independently.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Today PEAR® announces the launch of PEAR Studio, a premium digital fitness platform for studio and fitness facilities. PEAR Studio provides customers a visual workout experience that is flexible and focused on strengthening community and member retention for both in-studio and at-home workouts. Having succeeded with similar hybrid platforms for partners such as Life Fitness, SPENGA, Chuze Fitness and Basecamp, the company launched PEAR Studio as a result of demand from fitness operators seeking the most comprehensive multi-screen exercise guidance platform available.

Dave Hannum, President & General Manager at PEAR, said, “People are slowly returning to in-studio workouts, but there is a necessity for flexibility and an equivalent workout experience if they decide to

work out remotely. With PEAR Studio, we can now deliver a customized, comprehensive visual workout experience that offers seamless set-up, branding capabilities and requires only a smart TV or streaming device.”

PEAR Studio is a subscription-based platform offering customers access to 2,000+ video movements, plus the ability to upload their own proprietary content. Whether members are at the fitness facility, remote at home, or on-the-go at a park or hotel, the fully-customizable experience is the same for all audiences and connects the community anytime, anywhere. Studio and facility owners are able to manage workouts across multiple locations, nationally and globally, and can easily adjust and upload new content.

The PEAR Studio platform has been appreciated by fitness operators because it is a seamless set-up across all TV’s, laptops, tablets and phones throughout the studio and members’ devices, and synchronized “start” and “stop” timed stations can be enabled using integrated timer controls. For in-studio, the app is able to display the same or different workouts on multiple TV screens throughout a facility, resulting in a convenient way to organize stations and increase member motivation. From a user standpoint, the app only requires a smart TV or streaming device, is easy to use, and can be branded with the company’s logo and colors.

The hybrid fitness model, combining virtual and in-studio experiences, is here to stay, and PEAR is at the forefront of delivering on-demand and customized wellness experiences. According to an article recently published by Fitt Insider, the digital/in-person hybrid will define the future of fitness and “to stave off extinction, gyms will have to embrace the technology and cater to the consumer like never before.” Many people crave the in-person fitness experience but are unable to get to a studio or the schedules are inconvenient. On the other hand, owners find many of the connected fitness options to be expensive, difficult to use and lacking customization. PEAR Studio enables organizations to offer the perfect mix: a precise and personalized experience in the studio or home that allows consumers to easily cross over all environments, anytime.

About PEAR

PEAR is perfecting personalized digital health, wellness and fitness programs. Our Training Intelligence® platform and solutions deliver on-demand, customized coaching that creates great experiences for customers and enterprises. For more information, visit www.pearsports.com.


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