Introducing Addaday Adaptive Learning Technology™ – A Hyper-Personalized Massage Therapy Platform That Does The Thinking For You

September 15, 2020

With Bluetooth® BioZoom™ Percussion Devices Starting at Just $149, At-Home Massage Therapy is Now More Enjoyable, Customized and Affordable

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sep. 15, 2020 – Imagine if there was an intelligent massage therapy platform able to administer an automated healing protocol based on a user’s workout data, sleep and stress inputs – and learn the more it is used. In other words, a connected solution that takes the guesswork out of wellness routines to make them more targeted and effective. Thanks to Addaday, a global leader in injury prevention and massage technology, the future of recovery is now.

Today, Addaday announced the introduction of its new Adaptive Learning Technology™ platform, featuring the broadest range and most reasonably priced Bluetooth-enabled portable massage devices on the market, powered by the intelligent Addaday app that gets smarter the more you use it. With more than 67 million therapy variations to ease pain, prevent or reduce injuries, prime the body for exercise or recovery, and aid in relaxation, Addaday delivers a hyper-personalized experience, putting intelligent healing into the hands of everyone.

With the app and new devices – and as little as three to six minutes of daily use – Addaday delivers targeted therapies that help people move better, recharge and live their fullest.

Intelligent Healing Technology Made Simple

The Addaday app analyzes user inputs (such as location and intensity of pain, rate of perceived exertion, stress level, sleep quality and pre-existing conditions) and dynamically collects optional variable data collected on a user’s wearable device (including workout data and heart rate variability) to determine appropriate treatments from among millions of therapy variations. It then wirelessly programs the Addaday device to change intensities and duration, supported by a simple step-by-step video guide of the routine showcasing movement of both the device and the body to mimic techniques used by professionals. The app also includes therapies that are device agnostic, giving everyone the opportunity to recover, ease their pains and move better. A team of sports medicine, physical therapy and coaching experts, as well as elite athletes validated the new app, including:

  • Matt Dixon, author and world-renowned coach“Addaday has done its due diligence to deliver a platform that’s built on science and proven physical therapy techniques to provide real value for its users. Unlike other apps I’ve used, it is also fully customizable, including the duration of therapies, which lowers the barrier especially among those who are short of time.”
  • Courtney Dauwalter, one of the greatest ultramarathon runners on the planet“With Addaday’s new connected technology, you can now have something in your home that brings you closer to having your own personal physical therapist. It can help you determine the parts of your body you need to work on and how you need to recover based on your workout and other user data. It seems so futuristic, but it’s right here!”
  • Brooke Raboutou, U.S. National Team rock climber“I know my body well, but I don’t always know exactly what my body needs to recover effectively. Addaday has figured out how to explain exactly what I need to do to recover so I don’t need to think about it. It’s like having a personal PT in my phone!”
  • Timothy O’Donnell, World Champion triathlete“My wearable device collects a lot of information, but that data is useless if you don’t apply it to something. Addaday has developed intelligent recovery tools that apply workout and other user data to deliver tailored therapies so that it does the thinking for you. I don’t see anyone else doing this as well as Addaday – it’s the future of recovery!”

“Using a combination of psychosocial data and input from a wearable device, we are able to better understand what’s going on with the user and to prescribe more meaningful personalized therapies that will make a difference,” said Dr. Michael Venezia DC, CSCS, Addaday’s Head of Bioanalytics and Mechanics. “With protocols that are fully customizable and based on science, our goal is to give users an experience that’s as close as they can get to an in-person physical therapist consultation from the convenience of home.”

Full access to the Addaday app is free for the first three months after which a modest $0.99 per month maintains full access to an ever-expanding catalogue of scientifically backed active therapy protocols based on sport, workout or activity, muscle group, and injury or ailment. In addition, the catalog will include recovery routines from professional athletes and coaches. Subscribers will also be able to add their coach or physiotherapist to their Addaday profiles to enable them to prescribe personalized therapies. Those who opt out of the monthly subscription can maintain free access to a basic version of the Addaday app.

The Addaday app is available for both iOS and Android and connects to Apple Health, with connectivity to numerous other fitness platforms and wearables coming online this fall.

Handheld Massage Therapy Reimagined

Addaday has introduced the most comprehensive range of Bluetooth-enabled handheld massage devices that are supported by its new intelligent app. The craftsmanship, precision, high specifications and reasonable prices make them among the best value portable massagers on the market.

The popular BioZoom percussion device has been reinvented, with three all-new whisper-quiet models. Each BioZoom, which comes with variable speed settings and five myofascial specific attachments, can help decrease muscle soreness and pain, enhance blood flow and circulation, accelerate warm up and recovery, and increase range of motion. Each model has a rubber-coated, ergonomically designed handle, enabling a firm grip even for those with smaller hands.

The all-new Addaday BioZoom Edge, available at all Target stores, Target.com and Addaday.com, for just $149, features a digital control panel, a trigger to allow effortless toggling between speeds and a three-hour battery life at maximum intensity or six hours at the lowest intensity.

At $199 (without a flight case or $229 with a case), the Addaday BioZoom features a long-reach ergonomic handle to enable massages even in hard-to-reach places, a removable battery with a life of up to three hours, a digital display and a trigger button that makes it easy to toggle up and down between different frequencies.

The Addaday BioZoom Pro, priced at $349, is one of the quietest and most technologically advanced handheld percussion devices on the market featuring an integrated heated handle to facilitate vasodilation (widening of blood vessels to improve circulation) to optimize therapies. It is the most powerful of the new BioZoom product line with a battery life of up to six hours. The Pro comes with a high-end protective carrying case.

In addition to the BioZoom lineup, Addaday has introduced a Bluetooth-enabled and heated version of its popular Oscillating Sphere ($59), a wireless and rechargeable vibrating massage ball that is quiet and powerful, and is the perfect tool to help massage tired muscles. Its compact size not only allows for portability, but also features the ideal surface coverage for a deep penetrating massage.

The all-new Addaday Bio6 ($89) kneading massage pillow is ideal for effortless, on-the-go massage. Its cordless design is versatile for use almost anywhere, including the car (it comes with a car charger). Four nodules rotate in two opposing directions at three different speed settings to knead knotted muscles, with two heated nodules that warm up to relax stiffness. The Bio6 also features Bluetooth technology that enables it to connect to the optional Addaday app, which allows users to control the device’s speed settings from their mobile device.

“Electronic massage devices don’t need to be luxury items, providing relief to the few who can afford them,” said Hugh Williams, President of Addaday. “We’re excited to make best-in-class, connected massage therapy products available to everyone to keep them moving at their best.”

For more information on Addaday, visit www.addaday.com. Follow the brand on social media at @addadayrecovery. Download the Addaday app at the App Store or Google Play.

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About Addaday

Addaday is a connected fitness company focused on pre-and post-exercise recovery to help people move better and live their fullest. Its devices deliver targeted therapies and techniques used by professionals to prime the body for exercise, speed recovery and mitigate injury. Addaday is the Official Handheld Recovery Equipment Partner of U.S. Ski & Snowboard, the Official Recovery Partner of USA Triathlon, USA Climbing, The Basketball Tournament, Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run and provider of other leading sports organizations.It is also the Official Massage Chair of IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 U.S. Series. In addition, many teams and professional athletes at the highest levels of football, baseball, hockey and Olympic sports now use Addaday’s products for their recovery needs. For more information, visit www.addaday.com.