INFINIT Europe Launches Custom Formula Platform

March 28, 2023

Athletes in the European market can now customize their performance hydration blends to meet individual specifications.

Prague, Czech Republic, March 28, 2023 /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – INFINIT Nutrition, the industry leader in personalized sports nutrition, has announced the launch of its patented Custom formula platform to the European market.

For nearly 20 years, INFINIT has been at the forefront of creating customized, all-in-one isotonic solutions designed to fuel athletes in the world’s most demanding endurance sports, and simplicity is key.

“Sports nutrition does not have to be complicated,” says Michael Folan, INFINIT Founder and CEO. “Since 2003, we’ve had the privilege to simplify fueling & hydration for thousands of people. We are athletes helping other athletes perform and feel better. It’s as simple as that.”

After expanding to the European market in 2022, with the introduction of its Preset formulas, INFINIT continues its growth on the continent with the launch of its Custom formula platform.

“The launch of our Custom platform is something that we were aiming for from the start of the European expansion,” says Jan Pokorny, INFINIT Europe CEO. “Every athlete is different and has specific needs. Some want higher carbs, some want protein. Some want lots of flavor, while others don’t. With our CUSTOM platform, athletes have the ability to create the perfect isotonic drink to reach their peak performance, and that is something that I am super excited about.”

INFINIT Custom Blend customization options include:

  • Level of calories and carbohydrates
  • Choice of all-natural flavor with adjustable flavor intensity
  • Specific amount of electrolytes and BCAAs
  • Choice of adding protein or going protein free
  • Option of adding caffeine to the hydration mix
  • Additive “boosts,” including COQ10 and Beta-Alanine

With the production facility located in Central Europe, INFINIT’s customized nutrition will be available to the vast majority of athletes across the globe. Handcrafting the formulas in their local environment gives INFINIT Europe the chance to source local high-quality ingredients and provide athletes with a quick turnaround of their INFINIT fuel, whenever and wherever needed.

Custom formulas are available for design and purchase at INFINIT Europe’s website.

About INFINIT Nutrition

INFINIT Performance Nutrition specializes in providing customizable nutrition-solutions that naturally maximize the performance of athletes worldwide. INFINIT’s unique customizable system gives athletes the ability to design their own sports fuel formulas, made with all-natural ingredients, to their exact specifications. Whether you are preparing for your running event, cycling throughout the countryside, or racing your favorite triathlon race, INFINIT covers it all. Developed with the patented Osmo-FITTM system, INFINIT products and formulas are designed to be isotonic and easy to digest, even in the most challenging conditions. For more information about INFINIT Nutrition, visit infinitnutrition.eu or on social media @infiniteurope

Contact person: Matej Pokorny – mpokorny@infinitnutrition.eu