iKOR Labs Adds Daily CBD Capsule to its Offering

July 29, 2020

July 29, 2020. Boulder, CO – iKOR Labs, the Boulder-based producer of industry-leading hemp oil/CBD (cannabidiol) products, announces the addition of the iKOR Daily Capsule to it’s growing line.

Providing the same benefits as the Daily Extract, the iKOR Daily Capsule is a clean, natural source of recovery-enhancing hemp extract. With 25 mg of CBD per capsule and no synthetic cannabinoids, this product helps protect the body from the stresses of training, improving recovery from intense efforts, and maintaining a positive mental state.

“We are fortunate to have an active community of supporters who are passionate about our products and feel connected to our brand,” explains Mark Fleming, iKOR CEO.

“While our customers love our Daily Extract, many have told us they’d like the same benefits in a more convenient and portable format. Our new Daily Capsule does just that, providing an easy way for our customers to get their iKOR wherever the adventure takes them.”

With the same anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and improved sleep benefits as the rest of the iKOR line, each bottle of the iKOR Daily Capsule serves as a convenient, 30-day supply. As with all iKOR products, the Daily Capsule contains less than 0.3% THC. Each batch is tested, and the results are posted on the iKOR website.

For more information on iKOR Labs, please visit ikorlabs.com.


About iKOR Labs

Launched in 2016, Colorado-based iKOR Labs brings to life natural and scientifically proven products dedicated to empowering athletes of all levels to achieve their goals. Boasting a suite of clean, recovery-enhancing hemp-based CBD products, iKOR’s commitment to quality remains unmatched. Each product is individually designed to protect the body from the stresses of training, and act as a highly protective antioxidant, an effective anti-inflammatory, and powerful mood booster. Learn more at ikorlabs.com.