Hustle Bike Labs’ REMTech Avery Pedals Earn Gear of the Year Awards

February 10, 2022

With pedals in the warehouse and awards on the shelf, Hustle looks forward to the riding season

Gunnison, Colorado (February 10, 2022) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Hustle Bike Labs has done it again! Heading into the 2022 mountain biking season, the innovative bike pedal manufacturer has won two Gear of the Year awards for its Hustle Avery REMtech Pedal, a magnetic clipless-platform-hybrid design that has earned rave reviews for its strong foot-to-pedal bond, durability, and customizable pin placement.

The first Gear of the Year accolade came from BLISTER, a well-trusted independent outdoor gear site, and was quickly followed by a Gear Junkie Gear of the Year award. These honors come at a perfect time for Hustle Bike Labs, which recently signed a sales and distribution agreement with Moosejaw and had a successful pre-sale campaign in late 2021, during which early followers and adopters of their pedals got their chance to snap up the first batch to arrive in the U.S.

Now the rest of the world can enjoy the benefits of the award-winning Avery REMtech Pedals. The pedals, which retail for $219, are available directly from Hustle and also at Moosejaw.com, starting at the end of the month, Moosejaw will also carry them at select Moosejaw stores, starting with its Bentonville, Ark., location.

“We are so stoked to receive these awards because we’ve worked really hard for two years to bring the Avery REMtech Pedal to market,” says Craig Payne, founder of Hustle. “We are a small team who loves to ride and get others stoked on riding. When I was hanging off a cliff in Moab and envisioning the concept of these pedals, I never thought that my idea would win anything; I just wanted to make a product that enriched a rider’s experience. It is always amazing when people see what we are doing and feel the same way we do about the pedal.”

Avery REMtech Pedals are designed as an ideal go-between for traditional clipless pedals, which offer spring-loaded “hold” for the rider’s foot, and “flat” or platform pedals with a wider surface area but no actual foothold. The Avery REMtech Pedals feature a combination of both: The alloy body increases surface area considerably over clipless, and powerful Neodymium magnets replace spring-loaded engagement for a much easier, more ergonomic step-in and release, and virtually unlimited float. Also, a matrix of customizable pins provide extra stability for foot placement.


MSRP: $219

Weight: 750grm/pr

Available in 3 colors: Blackjack Black, Diode Blue, Gunmetal Gray

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About Hustle Bike Labs:

Born from a near-death MTB experience, with the founder literally hanging from a cliff in Moab, Hustle Bike Labs has reinvented the mountain bike pedal using Rare Earth Magnets on a flat pedal body to create the perfect hybrid of traditional clipless and platform pedals. The resulting REM Pedal System offers the best of both systems and eliminates their inherent flaws. They plan to continue identifying needs in cycling products and addressing them with the same keen eye on safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness.