Hustle Bike Labs’ Eagerly-Awaited Avery REMtech™ Pedals Now Available for Pre-Orders

November 9, 2021

Innovative magnetic pedal system combines efficiency and ease-of-use benefits of clipless and flat pedals for secure hold, easy release

Gunnison, Colorado (November 9, 2021) /ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ Hustle Bike Labs is excited to announce that its new Avery REMtech™ Pedals can be pre-ordered beginning today and will be shipping to customers in late-winter 2022. The innovative hybrid pedal design uses exceptionally strong Rare Earth Magnets to secure a rider’s shoes with the locked-down security and performance of a clipless pedal and the easy-release freedom and wide surface area of flat/platform pedals.

After a long Covid-related delay, Hustle recently received its first shipment of final-production pedals: A handful from this allotment will be made available to some lucky newsletter subscribers/social media followers, but most will be saved for promotional purposes. But pre-orders taken now will be available when the first full shipment arrives early in 2022.

Their signature product, the Avery REMtech Pedals, are available for $219 at Hustle Bike Labs in three color choices: Blackjack Black, Diode Blue and Gunmetal Gray. Additional pins are also available for purchase now, so buyers can customize the number, size and pin color for their pedals. The pedals work with any SPD-compatible shoe – with the REMPlate™ replacing traditional cleats – preferably with a flatter, rubbery outsole, like those on Trail and Enduro shoes. They can even be run with flat, cleatless shoes if desired for added versatility.

“We are really excited to bring the Avery REMtech pedals to market,” says Craig Payne, the founder and CEO of Hustle Bike Labs. “We were certainly hoping to have these ready sooner, but we’re thrilled to have them now and can’t wait to see folks out there enjoying them! We believe this is a game-changing product that will offer best-of-both-world versatility and improve riding performance and experience for every type of rider.”

Avery REMtech™ Pedals are built with neodymium magnets, the world’s most powerful magnets, made from alloys of rare-earth elements. Because of the raw power of the magnets, and the fact that they are most powerful in a directly-vertical direction, they firmly hold the rider’s foot in place when pulling up in a pedal stroke for added power. But it’s much easier to twist, slide or angle your foot to release, unlike traditional clipless pedals which require an awkward/unnatural movement to disengage the shoe from the pedal.

The other main advantage of riding with Avery REMtech Pedals is that they provide the safety and versatility of flat/platform pedals. The wider platform is easier to step on, and power can be delivered even if the shoe is not perfectly seated on the pedal. And by adjusting the number and position of the optional traction pins, the outsole of a shoe can have more or less contact with the pins for greater side-to-side stability, and this also allows for adjustment of the amount of magnetic pull – the higher the pins the lower the pull. The Avery pedals come with nine, and that’s where Hustle Bike Labs recommends starting; extra pins are sold separately for $11.99-$14.99, depending on length/quantity.

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About Hustle Bike Labs

Born from a near-death MTB experience, with the founder literally hanging from a cliff in Moab, Hustle Bike Labs has reinvented the mountain bike pedal using Rare Earth Magnets on a flat pedal body to create the perfect hybrid of traditional clipless and platform pedals. The resulting REM Pedal System offers the best of both systems and eliminates their inherent flaws. They plan to continue identifying needs in cycling products and addressing them with the same keen eye on safety, efficiency, and user-friendliness.