Humango Partners with “From The Ground Up” For Season 4 of Epic Gravel Training

March 21, 2024

AI-powered technology app to serve as “Official Coaching Technology Partner” for riders in preparation for August 18 SBT GRVL event

BOULDER, CO. (March 21, 2024)/ENDURANCE SPORTSWIRE/ – Humango™, a revolutionary training platform integrating AI-powered technology, is thrilled to announce their partnership with “From The Ground Up“, a groundbreaking documentary series that chronicles the journeys of four novice athletes, tackling some of the toughest rides in the U.S. The collaboration marks a significant step in Humango’s commitment to empowering athletes to achieve their fitness and race day goals through data-driven feedback after each workout.

At the heart of this collaboration is the utilization of Humango’s cutting-edge technology and Hugo, Humango’s AI digital coach, to guide the athletes towards the finish line of the 2024 SBT GRVL ride, held this year on August 18 in Steamboat Springs, CO. Serving as the “Official Coaching Technology of Season 4,” Humango will offer access to its advanced training platform, enabling highly-personalized training programs and invaluable insights tailored to each athlete’s needs.

“From the beginning Alexey and I have been doing our best to show that the sport of cycling doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it is often perceived from the outside. When training for a goal, we see so many people who have no idea where to even start,” said Ryan Petry, Co-Founder of “From The Ground Up”. “Humango offers the guidance and adaptability of a personal coach, but at a more attainable and sustainable price tag for athletes just beginning to get their toes wet. We are really excited to be working with Humango, as they pave the way for what will inevitably be the future of personal coaching.”

As this project gets up to speed, Humango will establish a special social group within its app, fostering a supportive community where contestants can share training tips, offer encouragement, and forge connections with fellow riders. This initiative not only enhances the training experience, but also lays the groundwork for a potential virtual training club, allowing past contestants and fans to train alongside Season 4 participants in the future.

“We didn’t hesitate to jump in to support both the athletes participating in the 4th season of “From The Ground Up”, as well as the greater FTGU community Ryan and Alexey have built the past three years,” said Franko Vatterott, Head of Partnerships for Humango. “When we saw the motivation and drive of this season’s contestants, we felt it was a perfect match to the typical Humango customer, athletes with big goals regardless of their starting point.”

The partnership showcases Humango providing comprehensive support to four remarkable individuals, as they gear up to conquer the 125-mile SBT GRVL course. The four athletes taking part in this year’s series include Brandilee Coon (Denver, CO); Kristen Meyers (Denton, TX); Richard Wright (Lincoln, NE); and Lou Martinez (Lafayette, CO).

“Trying to wrap my mind around training for SBT GRVL, 125 miles of riding can be overwhelming, especially considering the longest I have ever ridden my bike is 24 miles,” said Meyers. “I am so thankful that I will have the Humango AI technology that is personalized to my needs and lifestyle to tell me exact instructions to make sure I know daily how to best prepare for the race. I have a busy life with lots to think about, and Humango takes all the guesswork out of it.”

Humango’s team of concierge-level coaches will play a huge role in guiding the athletes towards their personal goals. Renowned coaches Pav Bryan and Raeleigh Harris will provide expert support for the male and female athletes respectively, ensuring a personalized and holistic approach to training.

For further information please visit www.fromthegroundup.bike.

About Humango

Humango is a trailblazing company in the field of AI-driven athletic training solutions. With a mission to empower athletes to achieve their best, Humango utilizes advanced AI technology to provide highly- personalized training plans and feedback. Humango is elevating the future standard in structured, adaptable endurance training. For more information about Humango, please visit humango.ai. Follow them on social media at Facebook, and Instagram.

About “From The Ground Up”:

“From The Ground Up” started is a project intended to inspire cyclists of all ability levels to step outside of their comfort zones. Ryan and Alexey have come to realize how important the power of community is when taking on monumental challenges. We are all capable of so much more than we know, but our true potential is only unlocked with the encouragement, support, and comradery of others.



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